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Interview with Maria Hjorth on the Ryder Cup

Sweden’s Maria Hjorth is playing this week at the Lacoste Ladies Open de France. We asked the Solheim Cup player about the Ryder Cup and this is what she told us:

I watched the Ryder Cup a little bit on Sunday from home and there were many things…

Were there something that reminded you the 2011 Solheim Cup and your victory?

Yes, could feel there were few things changing like it happened to us on last few groups and last few it happened there and they won so many of the matches on 17th and 18th hole. It was amazing! Just like the Solheim Cup.

In your opinion, what have been the keys of this European victory?

I think they just had a lot of believe in themselves. Last two matches on Saturday, before they finished was a huge difference....they could be down even more. I thought this was a little bit of more extra energy for them...Just believe in themselves and never give up. Everyone was so good and no mistakes...

Who do you think has/have been the most important EU player/s during the event?

I think Ian Poulter, he had a great record...few matches when he was down and then, he turned them around....and got a point back for the Europeans. That was obviously huge.

Who do you think has been the most important USA players during the event? And best performance?

Keegan Bradley played great. Being out there as a rookie is not easy and he played really, really well. And Phil Mickelson was too. He was very important for the team, helping the rookies out a lot and being a good mentor.

Is there any player (EU or USA) who you would expect better performance this edition?

I think everybody expects Tiger to be better but he seems to be not very comfortable in that situation. He hasn’t done very well either in Ryder Cup or the President’s Cup.

Regarding the European Team, I thought that Peter Hanson would play more. He only played one match on the first day and then just the singles. I was surprised that he did not play more than he did.

Did you like EU strategy and pairings? And about USA’s strategy?

Yes, I did like EU strategy. They needed to come really strong on Sunday and they did. They played great. I was surprised with some of the pairings on previous days but they won...Some of the combinations I thought were a little of surprise to me. Some of them were a little bit strange, leaving some players out. For example, I think Lee Westwood played more than he should, he did not play very good the first day and they still kept him out there playing...instead of other players...

If you were Davis Love III, is there anything you would have done differently?

I don’t think so. I think they both they played well.

Did you think that after Day 2 and result 6-10, the victory was still possible?

I thought it was possible but I did not think it was going to happen....Everything is possible as you are playing for 12 points...but the Americans were playing so well and 8 points were a lot of points.

Your favourite moment/moments

I think Sergio’s turn around...that was very big for the Europeans...he was 1 down and he won the last 2 holes and got the extra point. It was huge to make that point.

Also, obviously, when Martin Kaymer making the last putt. The last putt is always special. That was for the Ryder Cup and he left himself such a difficult second putt.

Our lesson......Is there anything that we (European team) should learn from this edition that we could apply to next Solheim Cup?

I think that every time it seems that we struggle in the singles...we are always good in the team formats....I think that is where the Europeans really need to improve and get more points in the singles. But this showed that this is definitively getting better... and be really strong and keep fighting... every hole and never ever give up.

Do you see yourself in Colorado next year?

Hopefully I would love to play again, obviously. I would like to have a win on American soil as well before I am done with my career. That would be great! But there is still a long away...I had a rough year this season never know ... Things can turn around ...and I could show some form  next year and get picked for the team.

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