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Final round interviews from the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters

Final-round quotes from Shanshan Feng, Dewi-Claire Schreefel, Caroline Masson, Becky Brewerton and Carlota Ciganda.


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome the 2012 OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters Champion, Shanshan Feng.  If you could start by talking about how it feels.

                SHANSHAN FENG:  I'm very happy because I had the lead for three days in a row and I don't want to give it away on the last day.  I think I tried my best, but still, I won.  So here I am.

                I didn't look at the board until maybe the 18th green.  So I didn't know what was going on.  The other players in my group, I knew how they were doing, they made some long putts, but I was just focusing on my game because this morning, I told myself, if I can shoot 5‑under today, nobody can catch me.  So I was just, you know, sticking on that plan.


            Q.  (Inaudible.)

                SHANSHAN FENG:  It was a low three‑round score, that was what they told me.


            Q.  (Inaudible.)

                SHANSHAN FENG:  That's funny, maybe that's another way to compete.  That's good.


            Q.  (Inaudible.)

                SHANSHAN FENG:  I think eight wins, including this win, and I've had five times that I was just coming from behind, and I had three times that actually included this one, and then finally I won.  So it's not my first time.

                So I had experience about that, so of course I was still nervous, but I did it.


            Q.  Your sixth win in 2012?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  Yes.  Three in Japan, one in America, and two on European.


            Q.  How did this equal the win?  How much does this win mean to you?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  Like I said earlier, this is my first tournament ‑‑ this tournament is like a major on the LET and I've always heard about it, that it's very nice.  Finally I got a chance to play, and I like it, I like the golf course ‑‑ of course, I shot 21‑under, and I haven't really been to the malls yet but I'm going right after the interview.


            Q.  Are you buying a handbag or is she buying you a handbag now?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  I don't think she made the top 10 and she has to go back to Q‑School but I believe that she can make it anywhere.

                Yeah, I'm going to buy myself one and maybe my mom, my dad ‑‑ (laughter).


            Q.  What's been the change since last year?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  I would say it's been a long story because I went to America when I was 17 and I went to LPGA Q‑School in the same year, so after maybe like half a year, I was still playing in the junior tour and then suddenly I was qualifying and I did qualify.  I knew it would take time but it took a little too long.

                You know, I kind of lost my confidence after 3 1/2 years, because I had some chances before, but I just let it go and finally last year, because I actually made birdie into the final hole, and I said to myself, if I don't get a shank, I'm going to win this tournament.  So after that, I kind of got the feeling back.


            Q.  Is it fair to say that your iron play was key to this victory?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  I think, actually, my putting was very good until today.  But I still missed two shots for birdies, not for pars.  I would say everything was great this week.  Driving was good.  Iron shots.


            Q.  The tournament in Japan you won ‑‑

                SHANSHAN FENG:  The Meiji Cup, August 7 was my final day, it was a three‑day tournament, it was my birthday.  I won ten years of chocolate, and then this year, I did defend so I got 20 years of chocolate.  (Laughter).


            Q.  For next year, now that you're back in this winning sort of ‑‑

                SHANSHAN FENG:  Actually, I think my last tournament was maybe, almost, three months ago, so actually after ‑‑ I would say after early September, I actually think I'm doing very well, either in Japan or China or America.  I think I was putting myself under too much pressure and kind of lost my game.

                But I came back maybe three weeks ago when I was at the last tournament on the LPGA.  I told myself, hey, just don't think about the numbers, don't think about where you are, and just play your own game focused, play like normal.  I did have a Top‑10 finish.  I would say after that, I think I'm back, and I feel more comfortable.


            Q.  To sort of ask, you've played three tournaments on the Ladies European Tour, and the Order of Merit ‑‑

                SHANSHAN FENG:  I would say because I have a card in America and Japan and Europe, also, of course I can't play all of the tournaments.  I would say I would still focus mainly on the states, and if I can, yeah, I would play more on The European Tour.


            Q.  Just looking at the trophy, there are some level names, Annika Sorenstam, Lexi Thompson and your name is going to be engraved on that.  Do you feel special about that?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  After the LPGA Championship that I won this year, they do the same thing.  So my name was under Yani Tseng.  Yani is my really close friend and I'm really happy that I could just take her place, but I remember many times, I said to her, Yani you need to give us some chances.


            Q.  Because of communication problems, some players like to play mostly in Asia or China.  What do you attribute ‑‑ how do you make that change?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  A lot of Asian girls, I think first thing is the food.  We can eat rice and noodles in the morning, which we can't find anywhere else like except for Asia.  Of course, English is one of the problems, too.  For me, I like all the food, I like Italian, I like American, I like Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indian.  I like everything.

                So you know, I can always find some food that I like.  And I think the important thing is that I can sleep well.  The best thing for me is to sleep eight hours a night, and whatever time I need to wake up, I can fall asleep whenever I want and I can sleep on airplanes, and I think that helps a lot.


            Q.  Can you tell us how you started?

                SHANSHAN FENG:  I started the day with two pars, and then an eagle on the third hole.  I made a long putt there.  I didn't know how the others were doing.  I was expecting somebody maybe to shoot 10‑, 9‑under today.  I missed a short putt on 10, maybe five feet or six feet, so I think I kind of was a little nervous on the putting.  But then I think, luckily, nobody shot really low scores, and then I was 3‑under for the day.

                I think I did okay.  I did handle the pressure pretty well.





            Q.  Great round today, second place, how do you feel?

                DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  It's very nice.  I'm very excited.  I played very well the whole tournament.  It's been a consistent season and I felt if I just played my game, I can finish well out here, so I'm very happy.


            Q.  And what was it like playing with Shanshan, she's quite far ahead, do you feel you were trying to keep pace a lot at the time or were you just focused on your own game?

                DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Focusing on my own game.  She was so far ahead that something had to happen to her game and I would have to go pretty low to make something happen.  So it was actually nice because I could just concentrate on my own game and I thought I'm going to try and catch her, that's going to keep me going, not watch what's going to happen behind me.

                So it was good for me and she played great.


            Q.  Do you effectively feel second place is almost like a victory?

                DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Almost.  She ran away already the first two rounds.  No, it's not a win for sure, but a nice, very good, solid play, and second place.


            Q.  And a word about the conditions today, a little windy, back nine?

                DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Yeah, it was a little windy.  That's the thing with this course, the wind tends to turn around a little bit for the four days so you have to pay attention to it and it keeps it a bit interesting, otherwise it would have been a real birdie‑fest.


            Q.  Next year, what are your goals?

                DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  On Tuesday I'm going to meet with my coach and everything is going to be analyzed and say what are the goals going to be for next year, what are we going to focus on in the winter to improve.  So, we'll see.





                Q.  Congratulations on a positive week overall, but I guess looking at you there's a sense of disappointment today?

                CAROLINE MASSON:  I'm sure there is.  I think I've played really well, I was trying to go low today.  I had it in my hands today, and did pretty well on the front nine and just got a little unlucky there.  Yeah, that's what happens sometimes.


            Q.  But another good week overall, you must be able to look at the positives overall and another good end to a great season.

                CAROLINE MASSON:  Difficult right now right after the round but I think in a few days, sure.


            Q.  Seem like you have a good relationship with Carlota, so I guess if there's anyone who could take it away from you, you would wish her well and congratulate her I guess.

                CAROLINE MASSON:  Yeah, definitely.  She's a great player.  She showed that all year.  She won twice.  Yeah, I'm happy for her.  You know, right now, disappointed of course, but she's a great player.


            Q.  If you look back at the season, when you look back at this year, what will be the high point and good days out there?

                CAROLINE MASSON:  Oh, definitely my win.  I mean, last week was a great week, as well.  Yeah, if I could finish it off today, it would have been a perfect year, but it's fine this way.  I mean, I should be happy.





            Q.  What made the difference today?

                BECKY BREWERTON:  Just the putts to be honest.  Yesterday I hit it just as well, hit as many shots in close many only made four birdies.  Today I played really well and it was the putting that was the difference.  I lipped a few out yesterday but you have to stay patient around here, the greens are quite hard to read.  Yeah, everything just fell in.


            Q.  Great end to the week and to the season for you?

                BECKY BREWERTON:  Yeah, I'm actually a bit upset the season is ending because obviously most of it passed me by without anything happening and it's just in the last four events I started to play well.

                Hopefully now I might have made enough money to be able to go to Australia, fingers crossed, which would be good, because obviously I want to play again as soon as possible.



Q.  Looks LIKE you have won the ISPS Handa Order of Merit.  How do you feel right now?

                CARLOTA CIGANDA:  Unbelievable.  I have work and I'm very lucky and very happy to have won the Order of Merit and I just want to be with my family, with my friends, and it's been a great year.

                I want to congratulate, also, Caroline, because she has been playing great and she's a great player.  Even if she won, she's doing great and I'm very happy for her, too.


            Q.  Were you watching the last few holes?

                CARLOTA CIGANDA:  Yes, of course I was just trying to focus on my game but you have the scoreboard and I could see she was playing well.  And then I was in the clubhouse with my family and friends watching, and she played great.  But it wasn't enough to finish second, so a great tournament for her and happy for me that I won.

                Very happy to have won both in the same year, and I mean, it's a great year, and so happy for everything, and, I don't know, I have no words.

                It was a good score to finish and I'm really happy with my year and now I just want to be with my family and friends.


            Q.  You are the second player after Laura Davies to win two titles; tell us about the next year, what you can achieve.

                CARLOTA CIGANDA:  Just want to try to keep playing as best as I can, focus on the present.  I just want to have a break now and then I will start practicing in January.  This year I had no expectations and it was good so I'm just going to try to enjoy every moment, stay in the present all the time and just have fun playing what I love.


            Q.  Are you happy with your result?

                CARLOTA CIGANDA:  Yes, it was a good week.  Yesterday wasn't a great day but three days under par, and 9‑under total, I think is always good.

                It's golf and anything could happen and I'm aware Caroline was playing great.  She has her LPGA card and I wish her the best.



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