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A quick 18 with Camilla Lennarth

Getting to know LET Rookie Camilla Lennarth from Stockholm, Sweden, who finished in 6th place at Lalla Aicha Tour School for 2013.


1.      How did you get into golf?

It was due to my dad. We had a lake house just outside Stockholm, Sweden, so I was there in the summers and he just wanted me to make some friends because it was a new place my parents bought. He loves to play golf so he took me to the golf course and put me in summer golf camp. I didn’t really enjoy playing golf, I just liked hanging out with my friends, eating cinnamon buns and chit chat all day long. He would pick me up at night and I would do the same thing for the entire first summer, pretty much. I was aged around eight. Then I started enjoying it. I got older and realised, this is pretty good so I enjoyed it.

2.      First golf club and teacher

It was the golf club outside of Stockholm, Gripsholm. It was the teacher at that golf club who helped me and told me that I should keep trying. He played on the European Tour and was one of the best golfers Sweden had. Mikael Högberg. He is pretty well known in Sweden, tried for the Seniors Tour in America and played the British Open. He’s pretty good.

3.      Best round, when and where?

The 65 in the second round of final stage Tour School is one of the best rounds that I’ve had. I had another 65 in college. My senior year, I played great golf. It felt like I could barely remember the round because it was a walk in the park. I think I shot 65 in a Scottish Am a while ago.

4.      Best part of your game?

I’m pretty good with my wedges since I don’t hit it very far. Keeping the ball in play.

5.      Weakest part of your game?


6.      Driving distance?

On the Symetra Tour it’s been 250 yards.

7.      Putting average?

I don’t know as I don’t keep stats.

8.      How many holes in one?

One in college. We were in Puerto Rico. I hit it and the pin was back of the green. There were bushes at the back and we thought it probably went into the bushes but someone went to look and the ball was in the hole.

9.      Favourite golf course in Europe?

There was a nice one in Switzerland, for the European Team Championship. I can’t remember the name.

10.  Any friends already on this Tour?

The Swedes and the Scandinavians: Jacqueline Hedwall, Caroline Hedwall, Pernilla Lindberg, Karin Sjodin, Louise Larsson.

11.  Any superstitions when playing golf?

Sometimes I get it during the round but I try to stay as far away from superstitions as I can.

12.  Age you first broke par:

No idea.


13.  What’s in your bag?

It’s all Callaway and the putter is Odyssey.

14.  Your team

I have a swing coach. I went to a boarding school down south for high school. I’m still working with the coach there. I have a strength coach and a mental one too.

15.  Did you go to university?

I went to the University of Alabama and did a degree in human science. I didn’t really go there to study. I’ve never been a studious person: I just wanted to play golf.

16.  Why do you play golf?

It’s a lot of fun. I love to compete and I love to meet people. I get to see the world.

17.  What do you do to relax?

I love shopping. I like to do that when I can if I have any money to spend!

18.  Do you have a hidden talent?

No! I sing a lot in the shower!


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