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Quick 18 with Elina Nummenpaa, from Finland.

Getting to know the LET rookies, we met Elina Nummenpaa, from Finland, who tied for 20th place at Lalla Aicha Tour School for 2013.

1.      When and how did you start to play golf? I started on 1996, so I was 13. My dad had always played golf and my parents as well. I have always been around the golf but I have really, really started when I was 15, when I took it more seriously. My boyfriend encouraged me to continue playing because he is older than I am and he plays professionally, but my parents did, too.
2.      Tell me something most people don't know about you? I like horses and I used to ride until I was 15. My dream is get a horse one day, even though I am not that good.
3.      When did you turn professional? I have played professionally for 2 seasons now.
4. What would you like to do for a living if you are not a pro golfer? I really like to travel and challenges , competitions… I have not thought about it. I am a personal training…
5. Your education... Which University and degree? I finished High School and then I went to a Sport College in Finland and it was a 3 years-school and I am now a Sport Instructor and personal training. That school was actually really good for my golf as well. It was really good…you get to know your body even more…
6. How many and which languages do you speak? English, Finnish and little bit of Swedish.
7. Who would be in your dream foursome? Tiger, Minea Blomqvist and Sergio Garcia.
8.      What is your favourite activity you do when you want to relax? My relaxing is doing something. I like to run….I like to relax when I run… They always make fun on me because of that.

9. Do you have a favourite TV commercial or series? “Mentalist”
10.  Favourite gift you have received and from who: I really like jewels… from my boyfriend and mother.
11.  What’s your favourite tradition from your country you love doing? I like the summer festivals in Finland. The best festival to me is a city festival on my hometown. We eat, there is music….
12.  Is there a song that you like to sing when no one is around like in the car or the shower? Today I was singing on song from “Chic”. There is a TV program in Finland where there are 5 famous different artists. I was singing one of the songs at that program.
13.  What is your favorite store to shop in and why? It could be a Sports equipment store in the US.
14.  What beauty product can you not live without? Chapstick
15.  What is your favorite time of year? I really like the winter in Finland, with a lot of snow, where you can ski. But also the summers in Finland, I love them, too.
16.  Favourite quote: “Stay present” I apply it to my golf.
17.  If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be? I always find good reasons to buy more clothing or shoes.
18.  Best and weakest part of the game: my best part is my long game and the weakest part would be consistency.
19.  Best round ever: 67(-5) in La Manga, 2 years ago.
20.  Favourite golf course: I like “Estonian Golf Course”


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