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Rebecca Artis on her Australian Lifestyle

Australian Rebecca Artis during the first round of the Tenerife Open de España Femenino at Golf Las Américas

Rebecca Artis joined the LET in 2010 and finished 45th on 2012 ISPS Handa Order of Merit, being the fifth ranked "Aussie" player. Rebecca took time out from her busy schedule to answer our Q&A ahead of the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters.

Where are you born and where is it exactly in the country?  Coonabarabran, North West NSW - 6 hours inland from Sydney.

Tell us more about where you were born: It's a small country town in New South Wales, population of 3,000 people and a farming community.

What is the best thing about your country?  The climate, the beaches and the easy going, laid back lifestyle.

Give some examples of the traditions from your home town/area that you like or love doing:  ANZAC Day (Australia New Zealand Army Corp - a day we celebrate and remember all our fallen and current war heroes). On ANZAC Day we play a game called Two Up in which three coins are used and people stand around betting on the result of either heads or tails being flipped. This tradition is only legal on this date, the 25th April every year.  It was a game that the soldiers used to play.

Tell us something about any of your festivities, what do you do and where do you go?  Tamworth Country Music Festival. All the top Australian country music artists go to Tamworth for an annual awards night and 10 days of concerts and festivities.

Your favourite place (in Australia /New Zealand) and why? The Gold Coast - because of the climate and the beaches.

Typical food and drinks from your area that you love?  Vegemite!

If you like cooking, what typical food from your country do you like to cook? I don't enjoy cooking but if I was to cook - lamb chops and veggies.

Be our travel guide... what places would you recommend us to visit in your country and things to do? Drive along the Great Ocean Road. Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory. Climb the Sydney Habour Bridge. The Great Barrier Reef. The Gold Coast Beaches.

Rebecca with husband Geoff Artis. They will celebrate their 1st Anniversary in Feb.

Traditionally, the Australians and New Zealanders enjoy a laid back, social lifestyle. What’s your typical weekend? Saturday morning at the beach and an afternoon BBQ with friends.

We do not often see kangaroos, koalas or kiwis in Europe… How often do you see them? Growing up in “The Bush” kangaroos and Koalas are everywhere.

Which is the most popular sport in your country? Give us an example of how popular it is. What about golf and women’s golf? What about rugby? Cricket.  Being from NSW I am a Rugby League fan, my team is the Newcastle Knights.  Both Rugby league and Rugby Union are very popular sports in Australia.

What are your favourite sports and teams that you support? Do you attend any games?  Cricket, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Rugby League and spending so much time in Europe each year. I am becoming a football fan (we call it soccer) and I am a Chelsea supporter!  - Favourite Team - Newcastle Knights (Rugby League Team).

What does horse racing and “The Melbourne Cup” mean to you and your country?  “A race that stops the Nation!”  that is exactly what happens in Australia when the Melbourne Cup race is on! It is huge in Australia, one of the biggest days on the Australian calendar.

What about surfing in Australia? Do you surf, did you surf at school and how good are you? No I do not surf, where I grew up the closest beach was 4 hours away.  I live on the Gold Coast now right next to the beach but do not surf and can not surf! I do enjoy going to the beach though.

Who is your favourite celebrity/personality/idol from your country that you are really proud of and why? Being a huge sports fan my favourite Australian sports person is Lleyton Hewitt (tennis player). I find his determination and never give up attitude very inspirational.

Who is your favourite golf player from your country? And sportsmen/women?  Favourite golfer - Peter Senior and favourite sportsman - Llyeton Hewitt  (tennis)  Favorite sportswoman - Cathy Freeman (runner).

What do you miss from home when you come to Europe to play? Vegemite and the climate.

Is there something unusual from your country that you could explain to us? Yabbie races (a Yabbie is like a big shrimp/ minature lobster) - Put 10 Yabbies in the center of a 3m circle and the first yabbie to exit the cirlce wins. 

What are your favourite Australian sayings? G’day Mate and Fair Dinkum - Australian slang for fair or true.

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