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Kristie Smith on her Australian Lifestyle

Kristie Smith earned her maiden professional title in January 2010 at the Royal Canberra Ladies Classic on the Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG) Tour and in 2011 she recorded her first LET victory at the New Zealand Women’s Open. She took some time to answer our questionnaire and shared some photos with us ahead of the LET's opening swing of 2013 down under.

Kristie: where are you born and where is it exactly in the country? Perth, Western Australia.

Tell us more about where you were born. Perth is on the west coast of Australia, some 2104 kilometres away from the nearest city and is definitely Australia’s sunniest capital. We have world class beaches (with the occasional shark attack here & there but nothing to really worry about haha)...We are known around the world to be the “City of Lights” and to be one of the windiest cities in the world to land a plane.

What is the best thing about your country? Our beaches and laid back personalities :-) We’re always good for a Sunday sesh too!  Give some examples of the traditions from your home town/area that you like or love doing. Going to the footy (AFL) to have a pie & coke & watch the West Coast Eagles dominate every week when I’m home :-) 

Tell us something about any of your festivities, what do you do and where do you go? I always go to $10 steak night down at the local pub ;-) 

Your favourite place and why? I love my home city (Perth)! Beautiful weather, amazing beaches, relaxed atmosphere and family time :-) 

Typical food and drinks from your area that you love? I love a lemon, lime & bitters on a hot summers day. Very refreshing! As for food - Perth has some amazing seafood it’s just $50 per kg. RIDICULOUS PRICING!!

If you like cooking, what typical food from your country do you like to cook? Nothing like a good ol’ Aussie BBQ!

Be our travel guide... what places would you recommend us to visit in your country and things to do? Melbourne for the awesome shopping & coffee. Sydney because it’s beautiful & it’s Sydney - maybe go climb the Harbour Bridge & check out the Opera house. Perth for the weather, beaches & maybe go downsouth for a relaxed holiday, there are some great wine regions too. Queensland has some lovely beaches too & pretty chilled out areas. No one really goes to Adelaide, Canberra or Tassie haha! Don’t ask us why Canberra is our capital!

One of the topics that we found regarding the Australians/New Zealand’s is that people there enjoy a laid back and social lifestyle. What’s your typical weekend? Well when I’m home...some sessions with my trainer on the beach, lunch with some mates at a pub that has a good outdoor area, Sunday sessions are always good fun, usually a BBQ on the weekends is a goer! 

Kristie Smith (left) together with "Aussies" colleagues Rebecca Artis and Bree ARTHUR

We do not often see kangaroos, koalas or kiwis in Europe… How often do you see them? You see kangaroos quite often on golf courses all over Oz... koalas not so much (they’re mainly in the zoo).

Which is the most popular sport in your country? Give us an example of how popular it is. What about golf and women’s golf? What about rugby? Any sport in general is popular in Oz! I would say the main ones people watch are AFL (Aussie Rules), rugby & cricket. I wouldn’t say golf is as popular (especially women’s golf - haha). Rugby I have no interest whatsoever but I know it’s hugely popular!

What are your favourite sports and teams that you support? Do you attend any games? AFL is by far my favourite sport! I support the West Coast Eagles & attend EVERY game I can when I’m home in Oz! 

Kristie enjoying outdoors activities

What does horse racing and “The Melbourne Cup” mean to you and your country? It’s a huge day! It’s a day known to stop the WHOLE nation in whatever they’re doing just to watch the 2 minute race...I remember being in primary school & the teachers would all head off to a TV somewhere for 5 mins to watch it haha. Pretty much it’s a big party day for most of the country! You get dolled up, have a few beers and put on a few bets. 

What about surfing in Australia? Do you surf, did you surf at school and how good are you? Surfing is very popular in parts of Australia. I actually grew up in one of the biggest surfing towns in the world (Margaret River). We did have surfing classes during school which was always fun but I’m definitely not a surfer these days... haha!

Who is your favourite celebrity/personality/idol from your country that you are really proud of and why? I can’t really pick just one...Love Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Lleyton Hewitt god I could go on forever! 

Who is your favourite golf player from your country? And sportsmen/women? Favourite Aussie golfer would be John Sendon but Adam Scott is always nice to watch ;-) 

What do you miss from home when you come to Europe to play? My family, dogs, trainer and my own bed! 

Is there something unusual from your country that you could explain to us? You have to be brought up on Vegemite to like it ;-) Very distinctive taste!

The Aboriginal culture is rich with stories and legends – are you familiar with any? Not familiar with any real stories which is really bad as I am 1/32 Aboriginal...whoops!

What are your favourite Australian sayings? (for example: Arvo – this is short for afternoon. 'Drop by this arvo') G’day mate (hello), no worries (no problem), brekkie (breakfast), you dag (funny person), dunny (toilet), Macca’s (McDonalds).

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