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Final Round Interviews from the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters

Final round interview with Volvik RACV Ladies Masters champion Karrie Webb and quick quotes from joint runner-up Su-Hyen Oh.


KARRIE WEBB 70 66 67=203 (-13)


KATHIE SHEARER:  Just marvellous and the news was that you are Sam Snead.  You’ve got Sam Snead’s record; nobody knew before. I think Terry Smith told you it to you; a marvellous piece of information.  It never gets old winning, does it?

KARRIE WEBB: No it never does, it’s really one of the things that keeps me working hard, the ability to tell myself I need to get something going here and then actually doing that.  Sometimes that doesn’t happen but when it does, it feels really good.


Q.  Karrie, there were no fireworks early, was your plan just to go out and work your way into the tournament and make a move thought it was right?  You just seemed to be very steady in the front nine?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, my swing didn’t feel as good as it did the first two days.  I hit quite a few, well not big pulls and I think that’s the sign that my swing feels pretty good, but I just didn’t have the shot selection that I wanted early on. I had a lot of 15, 20 footers, which aren’t easy to make this week.  I think the way the course set up is now, one par 5 on the front nine and the ninth being lengthened, I think that’s the tougher nine now and with three par 5s on the back nine, I felt like when I got through the front nine at one under that I had a lot of golf left with those par 5s on the back nine.


Q.  Karrie, I guess having been sent an SOS to come and help the tournament, it must probably give you the greatest satisfaction to have gotten the job done?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, definitely.  I play hard in every event so it doesn’t matter what event I play, when I put it on my schedule I’m going to give 100 per cent.  This tournament has got so many great memories for me and just to add some more, obviously, it’s very special.  There was a  little bit of extra motivation last night to hear that I could go in the history books and tie Sam Snead’s record,  I’d never even thought about that, and hopefully the finish of this golf tournament will help.  I’ve had seven other times that I’ve won and I think some years it’s helped and some it hasn’t. Women’s golf in Australia, the health of women’s golf has to have at least two major professional events that are on TV - it just has to.  If those go away, young girls don’t get to watch a lot of professional golf, women’s professional golf on TV and we definitely need this one to stay around.


Q.  Karrie, you mentioned your other wins here at Royal Pines, is it easy to compare, is it impossible to compare this win compared to what you’ve done here before?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, it is really hard to compare. I think I’ve won many different ways.  Today I think I did really feel the experience of however many rounds I’ve played around here - definitely it’s over 100 - oh no, maybe not even, but close to 100.  I’ve seen just about every weather condition, every wind direction and feel comfortable.  My best two rounds this week were when the wind picked up.  I think I feel comfortable when those situations happen and I know there are plenty of scoring opportunities out there and I felt like that experience would help me on the back nine  if I could get something going.


Q.  I guess in tournaments past going into the last round you’ve had girls like Anika or Jiyian around you.  Was there any different mindset knowing there were a couple of younger girls, less experienced girls around you?  Did that make any difference to how the day might have panned out?

KARRIE WEBB: Not really.  I think when you under estimate someone because of their age, I think that’s when they go and win.  Just like Lydia Ko did last year in Canada.  I was sitting in the clubhouse watching the end of that tournament and I think we all thought at one point she was going to make a mistake and she never did.  I never under estimate whoever I’m playing against.  They’re in the field for a reason and everyone’s capable of playing well on their given week.  Just because they’re a new name or a younger name, I really didn’t want to focus on their rounds today and just go and try and shoot as low as I could.


Q. A particularly good stretch 12 through 17, wasn’t it?

KARRIE WEBB: I think the key to my round was an up and down on 10.  I had a long bunker shot there, played a really good shot there, made a good putt and 12, when I got on the 12th green I knew I had to make that putt otherwise I just didn’t have any momentum going.  To get from nine to 10, 10 under looked better on the leader board than nine did.

I had a great opportunity at 13 and left it short which really irritated me.  I put my best swing of the day on a 6 iron, a little 6 iron into 14 and felt a little ripped off that it had gone over the back.  It was a fairly simple chip and not many times do i feel like I can actually feel confident that I’m going to chip this one in, so when it landed, I started walking it in pretty early.


Q.  What’s next week, you’re back to North Queensland?

KARRIE WEBB: Yes go and lose a few more kilos up there sweating it out. Definitely not like what it is down here, that’s for sure.


Q.  When do you expect to get to Canberra?

KARRIE WEBB: Probably Sunday night.


Q. What are your thoughts on this coming season Karrie, after last year?  Those last three times you’ve won this tournament you’ve gone winless on LPGA, so as you


KARRIE WEBB: Good one.


Q.  It’s launched you a few times early, but the last few times--

KARRIE WEBB: You’re the one that told me about Sam Snead yesterday, right?


Q.  Yeah.

KARRIE WEBB: That was a better piece of information than that one.

            Q.   Does that suggest you’ve got some good expectations about the coming months?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah it does.  I don’t want to raise my expectations too high, I think it tends to back fire on me a little bit and I put a bit too much pressure on myself, but the one thing that feels really good to me is how comfortable I feel on the golf course.  I’m able to dismiss negative thoughts or nervy thoughts pretty easily and just commit to my shot.  I have to say, I have had patches of not being able to do that over the last few years, so it feels good to feel relaxed.  Still the grind over the four and five footers like anybody else and you still get a little bit worked up on one or two of those occasionally but for the most part I felt really good out there and that’s really what I’ve been working towards.  So hopefully with how my good my swing has felt, it will just continue from there.


Q.  Karrie, the short putt on the last, what happened there?

KARRIE WEBB: I actually was bending over to pull it out.  I don't know if it hit something.  I felt like I hit a good putt.  I only looked up as it lipped out and I was bending down to pick it up and it lipped out. So I’m not sure what happened there, I felt like I hit a good putt.


Q.  Karrie, you’ve mentioned a number of times about the future of this tournament, wanting to help rebuild it.  What you’ve done today has hopefully taken a good step in that direction.  How earnest are you about the tournament really rebuilding?

KARRIE WEBB: Obviously I’m going to be defending champion next year, so Bob can breathe a sigh of relief and know that I’ll be back.  It’s hard to know what more I can do.  I’ve won it eight times.  We’ve had some high moments with the tournament being an LPGA event and seen it not as healthy as we would like.  So hopefully with the younger girls coming through, I think people get sick of Karrie Webb a little bit.  If there are a couple more Aussies with good stories coming through, and I think this week has really shown that, and I think that will create a lot more interest in the event.


SU-HYUN OH 70 64 71=205 (-11)


Q.  Su, congratulations, it was a terrific couple of days.  How do you feel now?  Is it elation at such a great result or are you crushed that you just couldn’t hold it together?  

SU-HYUN OH:   I don't know, a bit of both I guess.  I held it together pretty well I think but putts, I didn’t miss any putts in the first, I don't know, up to the 12th or the 13th and that’s the only two putts I missed - crucial putts I missed.

I think it was okay.  I just came back from it, I chipped in and I putt that one in.  But Karrie’s really good, she’s like a legend.  Yeah, I think I did alright.


Q.  How did you feel this morning or last night going to bed knowing that our greatest ever golfer was hunting you?  You were out in front and she finished well yesterday.  Were you nervous?  Was it a sleepless night or were you calm?

SU-HYEN OH:  I was okay.  I had a long sleep, like long, but yeah, I don't know, I think it was okay.  I didn’t really feel like, you know, I just played my own golf and Karrie was just going up and up the leader board.

But yes, she played well and I guess she deserved to win.  I think I’m more proud than disappointed with my result.


Q.  Karrie told us last night that the beauty of youth is that you’re fearless.  Is that how you play your golf?

SU-HYEN OH:  Well, I don't know.  I don’t think Karrie’s feared on the golf course either.  Yeah, maybe.  I’m not sure.  I didn’t really think about me as a fearless golfer.


Q.  Would this be your proudest moment?

SU-HYEN OH: Yeah, definitely, one of the proudest I think.  My Dad was pretty proud I think. 


Q.  Any tears from your Dad?

SU-HYEN OH: No.  I don't know, did he?  Maybe he went inside.  I don't know.  Yeah, I’m pretty proud.  I’ve still got a lot more tournaments coming up, so I’m looking forward to them.


Q.  You turned it around amazingly, 12 and 13, the wheels fell off and you just got back on track.  What did you say to yourself?  How did you bury that and just move forward?

SU-HYEN OH:  I told myself I didn’t miss many putts.  I missed two putts for the entire tournament and I’m not a real strong putter, so I just went, well I only missed two putts, so that’s kind of a god thing.  Just, I don't know, I thought it will go in one day; still I’ve got five holes left.  It’s got to go in.


Q.  You said you just concentrated on your own game but was it hard not to be conscious of what was happening just a hole in front of you all day, a big gallery following Karrie and she was scoring and there was applause?

SU-HYEN OH: I was playing my own game but it wasn’t like I was bluffing them.  I was actually looking at the score board, what’s going on and you’re just hearing this roar and Karrie chipped in.  It was good.  I knew what was going on.


Q.  Good for experience?

SU-HYEN OH:  Yeah, it wasn’t like I went:  Oh my gosh, she holed it.  I need to hole this.  I just went:  Oh, she holed another one.  She holed another one.  She holed another one.  But that was about it.



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