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Interview with Europe’s finest, Suzann Pettersen
Suzann Pettersen has her hand prints cast to be displayed amongst the other stars of sport and film on Mission Hills Haikou's Walk of Fame

Suzann on majors, her style and her sponsor relationship, among other things…  With special thanks to Golf Punk China.

What does it mean to you to represent Norway?

It’s just fun to play in a team event where you can team up with fellow competitors from your home country.

Do you enjoy team competition at The Solheim Cup?

At The Solheim Cup is fun to team up with your hardest competitors and get the best out of each other. You fight for your friends and it brings the passion of golf out even more so in the team.

You represent Nike. What are your reasons?

With Nike, as a golfer, player and athlete from any sport I think it’s a dream come true to join a company like Nike. I think it’s the best company out there and I don’t think there’s any other company that puts the athlete in the centre of attention in all matters.

You recently changed your clubs. Can you discuss this?

I’m still in the process of changing clubs. I’m usually with the philosophy, ‘if something works, no need to change it,’ but the new equipment out is usually there to help you, so if you can fit it into your bag it could be a good swap.

Do you choose your own clothes before a round?

I pretty much decide everything except for the majors. The majors we script and in The Solheim, we have official apparel, so in the big tournaments, I’m scripted, so I usually have not much to say, but I know what I’m wearing and they introduce it way in advance. I’m a fairly traditional dresser and my dress cut is pretty classic. I like bright colours but you just have to dress in something you really feel comfortable in and so you feel good on the golf course. It’s obviously a key factor, if you feel good you might play better.

You have won one major and finished second five times. What is your approach to the majors?

I won one major, that was in 2007 and it feels like quite a long time ago now actually. I’ve been very close since and it’s still on my agenda to try and win every major so as long as I’m active and playing that is going to be my major goal.

Do you still feel nervous in tournaments and how do you overcome it?

You’re always nervous when you play and I think being nervous when you play tournaments is good because it really shows that you care.

Could you describe your style in tournaments?

I’m a very aggressive player. I don’t really play conservatively: then I don’t really get the best out of my game.

What’s your dream four-ball?

My fantastic four-ball would be Mr Palmer, Tiger, Federer and myself.

What’s your ambition in the future?

I want to give back to the next generation.

Suzann hosted the inaugural Suzann Pro Challenge in Oslo, Norway, to help raise money for Right to Play. She had the opportunity to travel to Mozambique to see firsthand the effect this money had on underprivileged children.

Follow Suzann on Twitter: @SuzannPettersen

Read her blog at:

Suzann playing in the Mission Hills World Ladies Championship in Haikou
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