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"Women in Sport" Questionnaire: Megan Grehan


Megan in action during Lalla Meryem Cup

Do or did you practice any other Sport apart from Golf? 

I played field hockey and also competed in swimming.

What is/was your level at that sport?

I played field hockey in middle school and swam through high school.

What could you tell us about following sports?

-          Soccer: The most popular sport in the world. Requires great athleticism

-          Tennis: My favorite sport besides golf. I could tell you a lot about tennis but I will start with it requires a great deal of athleticism and mental strength.

-          Beach volleyball:  The American duo are the best in the world.

-          Surf: Such a cool sport.

-          Basketball: Was created by an American and generally requires you to be tall.

-          Ski: There are so many types of skiing competitions. Can be a rather dangerous sport.

-          Figure Skating:  I only watch it during the Olympics.

-          Sailing: I don’t know anything about sailing.

-          Field Hockey: Lots of Fun!

-          Gymnastic: Really hard.

-          Swimming: Have a body like Michael Phelps and you will do well.

Compare golf with other sports you like, which one do you think is the toughest?

Comparing golf to tennis, tennis definitely requires more athleticism, and a high level of mental strength. I think tennis is tougher.

Who is your favourite sportwoman outside golf? Why?

I don’t really have one. If I were to pick someone it would either Dara Torres the Olympic sprinter in Swimming who has competed in 5 Olympics or Steffi Graff.

Tell us names that you know of top Sportswomen? What do they have achieved?

Babe Zaharias- one of the best athletes in history. Mia Hamm- Best American soccer player. Serena Williams.

Have you met any of them? Who would you like to meet?

I have not met any of them, but I would like to meet Mia Hamm.

Is there any Sport that you would like to practice professionally if you weren’t dedicated to golf? Which one?

I would practice tennis.

What is your opinion about Women’s Sport? Which sport do you think is more popular? And less popular (from list above) that would deserve more recognition? Do you think Women’s Sport is popular enough? Do you think there is same information as there is on Men’s Sport?

I think women’s sport is making huge progress. This past Olympics, American women won more medals then the men and it was a sign of how support for women’s sport has positive results. I think tennis is the most popular women’s sport, followed by golf. The least popular is field hockey. Women’s sport has a ton of room for improvement. Female athletes are very impressive and deserve the recognition for their skill and dedication. There is definitely more information on men’s sports.

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