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'All about South Africa' by Stacy-Lee Bregman.

Learning more about South Africa from the country´s players ahead of this month´s South African Women´s Open, here we hear from Stacy-Lee Bregman.

Where are you born and where is it exactly in the country?

I was born in Johannesburg South Africa. It's in a provinces of Gauteng. 

Tell us more about where you were born 

I live in a suburb just outside of Johannesburg called Sandton. It's a country like setting. 

What is the best thing about your country?

I absolutely love the weather as its good most of the year round. We also have magnificent beaches and nature reserves. 

Give some examples of the traditions from your home town/area that you like or love doing

I love having Sunday braai ( BBQ) with my family and friends. I like to spend Friday night dinners with my family. 

Tell us something about any of your festivities, what do you do and where do you go?

We spend our religious festivities with family and close friends. 

What is your favourite place in your country and why?

I love Cape Town as its so pretty with its beautiful coastal line. It also has really good wine farms, beaches and mountain ranges. 

Typical food and drinks from your area that you love

My favorite soft drink is grapetiser.  Alcohol drinks would be Amarula and wine. Food I would have to say our meat is so good. Always love having a good piece of fillet beef steak or some biltong( beef jerky) to snack on.  

If you like cooking, what typical food from your country do you like to cook?

I really enjoy cooking a good beef or chicken stew. 

Be our travel guide... what places would you recommendus to visit in your country and things to do?

I would go to Cape Town and go up Table Mt. Do the wine farms and go to Cape point and Robben Island. Also to go to the Krugar Park and the wonderful Garden Route.

What is your traditions… What’s your typical weekend?

My typical weekend starts normally with a round of golf with my friends on Saturday followed by the gym and then I normally go out for dinner and drinks with friends. Sunday is normally my day off so I try spend most of the day with my family and maybe a little shop!!

Which is the most popular sport in your country? Give us an example of how popular it is. What about golf and women’s golf?

I would say the top 3 sports in our country is Rugby,Soccer and Cricket. Normally when big games are on bars and restaurants are normally  full with supports. Women's golf is on a high. I see plenty more women and girls at driving ranges Golf Courses. 

What are your favourite sports and teams that you support? Do you attend any games? I am a huge Rugby fan.I support the Springboks and the Blue Bulls. I try to go to games when I'm at home. 

What about surfing in South Africa? Do you surf, did you surf at school and how good are you?

I unfortunately live in land and not at the coast.I do like to surf but consider myself a beginner still!!

Who is your favourite celebrity/personality/idol from your country that you are really proud of and why? (It could be a politician, scientist, actor, musician...)


I really look up to Mr Nelson Mandela. If it wasn't for him we would of had a civil war with plenty of bloodshed. He made our democracy a peaceful transition and a great country for all to live in. 

Who is your favourite golf player from your country? And sportsmen/women? Mr Player would be my favorite sportsman. Sports lady, Natalie Du Toit 

What do you miss from home when you come to Europe to play?

I really miss my family and friends the most. Also when you on the road for long periods of time it's tough as my coach is back home and now and then you need some support. 

Is there something unusual from your country that you could explain to us?

The one side of our country is very arid and desert like. Then on the other side it's tropical area along the coastline.  

Are you familiar with stories and legends of your country or region? Tell us any.

We have plenty of different African tribes and each one has their own culture with legends and stories that go with them. 

SA has 11 official languages. Which one do you speak normally? What are your favourite South African sayings?  

My first language at home is English and my favorite sayings are: Lekker- great, Ag man- oh man, Braai- BBQ, Izzit- is it, Yebo- yes, Howzit- how are you, just now- sometime soon.

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