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Women in Sport Questionnaire - Ann-Kathrin Lindner


Ann-Kathrin Lindner is one of new Rookies from Germany. She was born in Hannover and finished tied for 36th at the Lalla Aicha Tour School last December. Find more information about Ann-Kathrin here

1. Do or did you practice any other Sport apart from Golf? Which One?

I was a really talented in womens Soccer but stopped at the age of 19 because of golf. I think I tried nearly every other sport when I was younger. Besides golf, I do nearly every day fitness workouts and sometimes I play tennis, badminton, billiards or soccer for sure.

2. What is/was your level on those sports?

In women's soccer, I was in a regional squad, one behind the national team, until I was 15 and started playing golf.

3. What could you tell us about following Sports?

- Soccer: is my passion and I am following everything via the Internet or TV

- Athletics: I am just following athletics in the Olympic Games

- Tennis: belongs to my favourite Sports for playing and watching

- Beach Volleyball: liked to watch the German Duo Reckermann/Brink won the Olympic Games 2012

- Horse Riding: I know there are some really good German horses and riders and its a profitable sport

- Surf: for a great sport like this, there is not enough recognition

- Basketball: I met the German Dallas Mavericks Center Dirk Nowitzki once in a TV Show, it's amazing how tall he is and his movements on the court seems so easy

- Skiing: I did it at the age of 18 for the first time. Not the best idea, I hurt myself. Have respect for all professionals

- Field Hockey: many Germans plays field hockey and golf, most of them change to golf

- Gymnastics: think every girl went to gymnastic lessons, me too. And I worry about that I never learnd a salto.

- Swimming: is really popular in Germany and in the past we have achieved a lot of medals in the Olympic Games

4. Compare golf with other sports you like. Which one do you think is the toughest?

I think especially in those you need big condition are the toughest. So marathon, triathlon, somthing like this. I admire people who are doing this. My condition was never the best, enough for a soccer game, exactly right for playing golf.

5. Who is your favorite sportswoman outside golf?

I like the attitude of Andrea Petkovic. She never give up fighting for her career,  when she is on the court,  she is in here world and fights for every point, but always has a smile on her lips. And is supporting her Fed Cup Team every year even she is playing or not.

6. Tell us names that you know of top Sportswomen? What have they  achieved?

- Magdalena Neuner: youngest multiple World Champion in Biathlon

- Birgit Prinz: multiple named World's best Womens Soccer Player

- Carolina Wozniacki: Worlds No 1 in Womens Tennis and Girlfriend of Rory McIlroy

- Maria Riesch/ Lindsay Vonn: World and Olympic Champion Ski Alpine

- Franziska von Almsick: World Champion Swimming

7. Have you met any of them? Who would you like to meet?

I've met Franziska van Almsick and Birgit Prinz, but didn't talk about sport. I would like to meet Andrea Petkovic.

8. Is there any Sport that you would like to practice professionally if you weren't dedicated to Golf? Which one?

Women's soccer!

9. What is your opinion about Women's Sport? Which Sport do you think is more popular? And less popular (from List above) that would deserve more recognition? Do you think Women's Sport is popular enough? Do you think there is same information as there is on Men's Sport?


I think women's sport is less popular than men's sport because we cannot really achieve the performance of a man. We cannot run faster, throw or hit longer for example. Think men's sport will always be prefered to watch and to talk about. It is a sign, that for example women's tennis is getting the same benefit as men's tennis now. I hope the same will happen in other sports as well.

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