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Julia Davidsson answers our "Women in Sport" Questionnaire


Julia Davidsson is one of our Swedish rookies this year, who tied for 9th at Lalla Aicha Tour School last year. Find more information about Julia here.

Do or did you practice any other sport apart from golf? Yes I did, Soccer and Skiing (alpine).

What is/was your level at that sport? Played soccer for 5 years in local level and Skiing for like 7 years and competed on a little higher level than soccer.

What could you tell us about following sports?

-          Soccer – I played soccer for 5 years in a team called NIK.

-          Tennis – The Australian Open is my favourite tennis event watching on TV.

-          Beach volleyball – I only watch beach volleyball on the Olympics. I have played it a couple of times with friends on the beach.

-          Horse riding - We have a few good horse riders in Sweden. But I only watch it on the Olympics.

-          Surf – Never tried it but I hope I get the chance some day

-          Basketball – I hade some friends who played basketball in school and I watched some of their games but I don’t like to play it myself.

-          Ski – I started skiing when I was 2 years old and competed until I was 15 years old. I still like to go skiing.       

-          Sailing – We have some good sailers in Sweden and I only watch it on the Olympics.

-          Gymnastics – I think it´s cool and I wish I was good at it.

-          Swimming – I like swimming for an alternative training.

Compare golf with other sports you like. Which one do you think is the toughest? I can compare it to skiing (alpine). I think golf is much more tough mentally but skiing is more tough physically.

Who is your favourite Sportwoman outside golf? Susanna Kallur, Swedish Sprinter. She is so muscle-bound and she is always happy and has a great smile. You can see how much she loves her sport.

Tell us names of your top rated sportswomen... Anja Pärson, Pernilla Wiberg, Lindsey Vonn, Carolina Klüft.

Have you met any of them? Yes, I have met Anja and Pernilla.

Is there any sport that you would like to practice professionally if you weren’t dedicated to golf? Skiing or swimming.

What is your opinion about women’s sport? Which sport do you think is more popular? And less popular (from list above) that would deserve more recognition? I think tennis is one of the most popular sports for women. Maybe field hockey and basketball are two of the less popular. I think basketball deserves more recognition because that sport is a very big men's sport.

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