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'Women in Sport' Questionnaire - Rookie Rebecca Sorensen



Rebecca Sorensen is one of our new members from Sweden. She finished tied for 36th at Lalla Aicha Tour Scholl last December. Find more information about Rebecca here.

Do or did you practice any other Sport apart from golf?

I don’t practice any other sports besides golf these days. I used to twirl and play floorball for many years.

What was your level at that sport?
Floorball was at the second highest level possible and it was pretty hardcore I remember.

What could you tell us about following Sports?

Soccer - I’m not a big soccer fan but when I lived in Italy I went to see Roma-Milan play. It was so much fun, and such a big event. Soccer in Sweden is a big deal, but it was nothing in comparison to this. I remember I watched Roma’s defense Riise (from Norway) play that night and the next day he came to my golf course to play and we had lunch together!

Athletics - Sweden broadcasts a lot of this on TV so I like to watch is if I have the time. It is really fun to watch Usain Bolt run so crazy fast!

Tennis - I don’t watch a whole lot of tennis but I enjoyed watching the game between Nadal and Federer play each other.

Beach volleyball - I have played it myself a few times with friends and it is a lot of fun but I don’t ever watch it on TV or so.

Horse riding - The only time I watch is really is during the Olympics and when the world cup is hosting an event in Sweden. It is crazy how high the obstacles are that they jump over!

Surf - I’d love to try sometime but I don’t think I’d be that good at it.

Basketball - I watched more basketball when living in the States but nowadays barely nothing. I love watching Kobe Bryant play ball though.

Ski - We have something called Vinterstudion (Winter studio) on TV in Sweden which shows all kinds of skiing during season. I love watching that and keep track with the Swedish skiers!

Figure skating - Not really into this and don’t now much about it.

Sailing - Same as for figure skating.

Field hockey - Does people still play field hockey more than for fun? I’m more into regular hockey, or I really love hockey! We have a great local team that I’m cheering for, Frökunda Indians. I like to keep track on the Swedish players and the NHL and of course watch the Winter Classic. I know almost all of the NHL teams and their mascot, such as Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Vancover Cunucks etc.

Compare golf with other Sport you like. Which one do you think is the toughest?

Golf is so different from most other sports. Not only do you have to be able to handle a club and a ball but you also have to control your thinking. I definitely think golf is the toughest, but that is also why I love it!

Who is your favourite sportwoman outside golf?

Susanna Kallur, Swedish hurdler. I really like her. She is always smiling and so positive about things! She has faced a lot of injuries throughout her career but she has her goals and fight through it.

Tell us names that you know of top sportswomen? What have they have achieved?

Anja Paerson, former Swedish skier. She is not an active skier anymore but when she was performing she was one of the best in history. She has won everything possible and I think it is so fascinating to be able to keep winning and winning when you have already won it all.

Have you met any of them? Who would you like to meet?

I have never met her but I wished I had during the time she was still skiing. It would have been really cool to spend a day with someone so talented and great at what she does.

Which sport do you think is most popular and least popular? What deserves more recognition?

I like watching sports and don’t care if it is male or female but in general there are most men’s sports that will be covered on TV in Sweden. Soccer and hockey are two great sports in Sweden and those leagues are pretty big so of course they will get the most coverage. For example, our greatest soccer star is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, when he moved to Holland to play for Ajax TV started following that league, when he then switched teams to an Italian team TV quit following the Dutch league and had more focus on the Italian soccer. Now he is playing in PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) in France and of course those games will now be broadcasted. It was the same when we had Annika Sörenstam playing, we would then see much more golf on TV then we did before and now. As for women’s coverage on TV today I’d say skiing is the most popular sport.

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