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'Women in Sport' Questionnaire: Mireia Prat


Do or did you practice any other Sport apart from Golf?

Well, I played tennis when I was younger… But now only golf. I played since I was 5 until 10. I competed in regional and junior level.

What could you tell us about following Sports?

-          Soccer: I do not know anything about any women soccer players.

-          Athletics: I know some, Spanish. As I am training in a Sports Performance Center, I know few of them. They are top National Athletes like Maitane Azpeitia, triple jumper.

-          Tennis: I have a friend named Lara Arruabarrena. She is currently playing the Professional Tour and she’s top 100.

-          Basketball: My father’s cousin played in a Basketball Team, Noemi Jordana, at the National Basket League.

-          Skiing: I know Andrea Jardi, she played in the Olympic Winter Games and she is a friend of mine.

-          Sailing: I have a friend that she is currently preparing for Rio 16, Aura Miquel.

-          Swimming: I know many members of the Spanish National team of Synchronised swimming, like Gemma Amengual, Ona Carbonell and Andrea Fuentes and Marga Crespi. Also Mireia Belmonte, who was a medallist in London 2012.

Compare golf with other sports you like. Which one do you think is the toughest?

I think tennis is a bit different from golf because they tell me that they have similar prize money as the men and this is something that we would need to improve. I think golf is more complicated, but similar to tennis when you compare it mentally and regarding strategy.

Who is your favourite sportwoman outside golf?

I have always admired the members of syncronised Swimming. I see them how the practice and compete and they are my reference: effort and sacrifice to get their goals.

Is there any sport that you would like to practice professionally if you weren’t dedicated to golf?

Maybe tennis, as I started it when I was a child. If I would not be playing golf, I think I would play tennis.

What is your opinion about women’s Sport? Which sport do you think is more popular?

I think that in general women's sport is getting more popular, but there is still a big difference between men and women sports regarding sponsoring and media coverage. I think we need to make more efforts regarding sponsoring to support it more… Not only golf… For example, my friend Lara was playing in Indian Wells and she was playing vs. #2 in the World. Well, on TV they did not show her….. So, this is not great support from TV coverage for women’s sport.

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