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Sweden's Jessica Karlsson: Rookie Blog 1


After finishing tied for 60th at Lalla Aicha Tour School last December, Jessica Karlsson joined the LET's large group of members and rookies from Sweden. Find more information about Jessica here.

She shared her experiences during her first LET event at Lalla Meryem Cup in Morocco and wrote the following:


Lalla Meryem Cup was my first LET tournament and I liked it a lot. It was a really great experience and very fun. At first I was a bit nervous about everything around such as how to do my registration, my player pass etc. but it was no problem and nothing to worry about at all.

Everything around the tournament, such as, transfer to the course, practice areas, players lounge etc. was really well organized and as a player you didn´t have to think/worry about anything other then play the best golf you were able to and that was really great! 

My first tee of the first day was 14.00 and I was pretty nervous on the first tee but after my first tee of it did felt much better and the nervousness disappeared and I just had so much fun and enjoyed the game. The first day my iron shots wasn´t the best so I didn’t make as much greenhits that were needed for a good score. My score was +3 and I wasn´t too happy about it.

The next day my tee of was 09.30 and I did play better golf then yesterday, I made more green hits and when I missed out on the green my scrambling saved me. My score the second day was -1 with a total of +2. With that score I made my first cut on my first LET tournament by 2 shoots and of course I was thrilled about it!

Day three was a nightmare in my golf career, I started the third day by hitting 3 balls out of bounds on the first tee and got off with a ten in my scorecard. I followed up that with two bogeys on the following three holes, I was +8 after 4 hole. I didn’t know if I were going to cry or laugh about it, it was a real nightmare. I managed to go -3 in from the fourth hole and finish on a score at +5 for the day and I was actually pretty happy that the third round was over.

The last day did I play good golf and advanced a little bit in the leaderboard, I finished on a score at -2 for the day and +5 total score. I was pleased with the last day score and I was pretty pleased with the totals over all, except from that ten on the first hole day three.

I think this was a very fun tournament and I got a very good impression of the LET tour over all. I hope to play as many tournaments as possible on the LET tour 2013, it´s here I want to be and always dreamed about."

Thank you Jessica!

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