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Bonita Bredenhann, from Namibia, answers our "Healthy May" Questionnaire


Bonita in action during Lalla Aicha Tour School

Bonita Bredenhann is our first ever member from Namibia and she is playing this year her rookie season. After turning professional in January, she is living her dream for the first time this year and has played already in 3 events. Find more information about Bonita here

Our golf players do not just play golf, they are also athletes, with a rigorous health and fitness program. Find out how Bonita gets fit and prepares her body for the season here:

Describe how your exercise program benefits you and your golf game.

Exercise and staying fit plays a big role in your golf game because if you are unfit then your concentration and your game cannot stay on the same level. You will start to play bad. You wil get tired quickly and if you want to play top golf you want to be able to stay up there in good position and finish in top class.

Describe when and why you started exercising for golf.

I started playing golf when I Where 6 years old, I started playing golf because my whole family are into golf and a very sporty family, which I love about my family.

Describe how your pre-season exercise program is different to your in-season exercise program. For example, do you focus on different aspects of fitness? Are your goals different?

Pre-season: During the off-season our goal is to get back into the habit of exercising at higher intensities. Getting the bodily systems ready to return back to hard training. We start at lower % Max efforts during exercises to prepare the body for the upcoming season. It is important to not work on sport-specific technique skills but rather on the proper weight-lifting techniques in the off-season. Correct all the different exercise techniques in this period of time. It is important that you have close supervision from your coach. We only want to increase lean body mass and develop an endurance base. You should have at least 30min of stretching and flexibility exercises before and after training. Our goals are to obtain the correct exercise-base technique and to get in the habit of regular practise. This season has no big events so that the athlete can train without having to worry about specific sport technique, flexibility and mobility.

In-season: This is the competition period of training. In this season our goal is to improve strength, power, flexibility, and energy system functioning. The majority of the athlete’s time will be spent on skill and development, but conditioning is also very important. We want the athlete to peak at his best efforts in this season. The sport specific technique is well conditioned in this season. Competing and having the correct motions and techniques comes naturally to the athlete after all the hard work done in pre-season. Our goals in this season is that the athlete will perform to the best of his ability .

With respect to your pre-season program, please describe your exercise program (where possible, include the type of exercises you do, the frequency, dosage, duration of each exercise session etc).

  1. I attend gym at least three or four times a week. During my gym session I work on my physicality which includes all parts of my body and building my core muscles. With this I also run as exercise and I find this helps maintain my fitness levels and allows me to build on my stamina.  My work outs are usually for an estimate of two hours.
  2. For my arms I do weights and use the resistance band and I do this exercise in steps. I alernate my weight lifting with my leg exercises.
  3. For my legs I do squats, lunges, weights, resistance bands and balancing. As mentioned above, I do these exercises alternatively with my arms.
  4. For my back I need to do exercises which build my stomach and core muscles as I suffer from back injuries.

With respect to your in-season program, please describe your exercise program (where possible, include the type of exercises you do, the frequency, dosage, duration of each exercise session etc).

- Stretches
- Stay fit, smaller amounts of weights and jogs
- Attending golf lessons

Describe your warm-up program (include the type of exercises you do and how long your warm-up routine takes to perform).

  1. I usually do a warm of 20 - 30 minutes.
  2. To begin with I stretch the whole body thoroughly.
  3. After my stretching, I hit balls to get my eye in, for about 45minutes.
  4. Then I proceed to practice my putting before I tee off.

If you haven’t already included this information, describe whether you use specific exercise tools or equipment when exercising (e.g. fit balls, weights, resistance bands etc). What is the most enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

I enjoy doing weights.

What is the least enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

Streches would be the exercise I least enjoy.

How do you manage to maintain a fitness program when you are touring?

Whilst touring I use the resistance bands and hoping for an open gym, close by.

Which components of fitness (e.g. muscle strength, balance, muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, power) do you think are most important for playing golf?

I believe that muscle strength, stamina and flexibility are very important whilst playing golf.

Describe how important maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is for you and your golf game.

This is very important as your diet has a big impact on both your muscle power and your stamina. A healthy diet reflects greatly on your energy levels which is crucial whilst playing this game.

How do you manage to maintain a healthy diet when you are touring?

I managed to do this by eating the correct foods needed and avoiding food such as take-aways.

What tips would you give golfers who really dislike exercising or to those golfers who say     that exercise is only for elite golfers?

Exercising creates a high fitness level which allows you to maintain both your stamina and energy levels. Exercising is the most important part of any sport as this determines the greatness of your game.

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