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Beatriz Recari targets first major
Spain’s Beatriz Recari

Spain’s Beatriz Recari believes that Inbee Park’s run of three straight major victories is extremely impressive, but hopes to steal the limelight from the South Korean this weekend at St Andrews.

“Do I want her to get the fourth major this week?  No, I want to take it.  But, you know, she's won three out of three; that is huge,” Recari says. “I don't think anyone ‑‑ I mean, you all play, and even at the top level, I don't think anyone can understand what she's achieved so far.  It takes lots of guts to keep herself cool.

“I've played in Korea before and I'm not Korean and I feel the pressure and I feel the excitement that the Korean people show, and how much they want their own players to win. So after I won last week, I got a lot of Spanish media requests, and after three days, I was almost exhausted.  I can't imagine the requests she must have had, and still keep cool and focus on what she has to do and win tournaments.”

Recari has won two titles on the LPGA this season and is a shoe-in for the European Solheim Cup team.

Speaking on the eve of the Ricoh Women’s British Open, the multi-lingual, international player explained why she feels that Park’s dominance is good for the game.

I think she's playing an amazing level of golf, consistent, and obviously handling pressure, week‑after‑week in the majors, I can't imagine how much pressure she must have felt, not only worldwide, but in her own country.  I think it's great, because this is really where we are going.

“You know, this is a global tour, and we are the best tour in the world.  We are playing with many different nationalities, and nobody has ever achieved that.  You always see ‑‑ I love watching tennis, and you always see like one year Nadal is dominating and another Djokovic is dominating.

“You don't see it, because golf, it takes a lot more; it's just so many other different factors that have to play in, different courses, different setups.  Some courses are playing longer, some courses are playing shorter and benefits some players more than others.  And she's won three out of three.  I mean, I think that's amazing, and I think that's good for us and it's definitely drawing attention to us, which we deserve.

“I understand that certain sponsors or media want a certain nationality to win, but this is where we are going.  We are global and it's the best player no matter where she comes from.

“If it all comes down to getting attention and if more attention gets more viewers, more viewers gets us more sponsors, definitely.  I definitely think it's beneficial.”

When asked her thoughts on Park’s decision to return to Korea to see her family over the weekend, Recari said: “I see it both ways.  I'm surprised and at the same time, I'm not.  I think that when you know a week is approaching where you're going to get the same question asked over and over and over again, something that you don't want to think about, but obviously people ask you about, so it's going to be in your head, I understand that she wanted to be with family and she just wanted to be with people that just appreciate her for who she is, not what she does, and her name, just Inbee as a person. But at the same time, I know that once they know you are there, they are not going to leave you alone. 

“So I don't know how it was for her.  I know that she bought a Ferrari, that sounds very cool, but you know, again, it's just so personal.  I don't know if I would have done it but if she did it, I bet it was a very well‑thought decision and that it was worth it for her.”





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