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What the players said after the Friday Four balls




            Q.  You're struggling to come through when you needed to, but even though you were struggling, Suzann, you were amazing today.

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  This game, this, it just never really gets old.  It just brings out the best of you.  And I, you know what, I'm just really enjoying playing with these youngsters.  I'm so proud of them.  It's not easy to go out there, first of all, you don't really know what to do when you step on the first tee, and then from there try to collect yourself and find your game and find a rhythm.

            Carlota, she was a super star, she hung in there tough.  That's why it's four‑ball, you play on your partners, and this is a fantastic point and I'm proud of her to get her first point.


            Q.  I noticed you were giving her encouragement and that's probably why you started playing a lot better on the back nine.

            CARLOTA CIGANDA:  Yeah, it was very stressful at the time.  So I'm very happy to play with her, and it was a great match and we won.  And so that's the most important, so it's great.


            Q.  What a day.  Tell me about it.

            CARLOTA CIGANDA:  I didn't play my best golf today, it wasn't easy.  The greens were hard, they were fast.  I was a bit nervous and I couldn't get a good rhythm.  And then the back nine I played some better shots.  I was trying hard.  And I made good putts and 13 and 14.  So I think at the end of the day the important thing is that we won the point and Europe is winning, so that's a thing that I'm so happy to help the team.


            Q.  How nervous were you?

            CARLOTA CIGANDA:  I was very nervous.





Q.        Michelle, I'll start with you.  You just appear to be a far different player in this format than in normal stroke play situations.  Is that a conscious effort or is that just the enormity of what these matches bring?

            MICHELLE WIE:  I love match play, I love Solheim Cup, I love my country and I love Cristie Kerr.

            (Laughter.)  And I just had a blast out here.  My goal is to get them going, you know.  It's just so much fun, it's an opportunity to come once in a lifetime, so I really had fun.


            Q.  Cristie, you said this morning you were hoping to take some of the momentum from the finish this morning, where you finished extremely well, into the afternoon, you did it.  Is that the best you've putted in a while?

            CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, I think so.  Especially under these kind of conditions, under this kind of pressure.  I played really, really well.  I made a lot of putts and I just tried to keep us in there and make a big putt when I needed to.  And I did this a few times and Michelle made an absolutely clutch putt there at the end.


            Q.  You guys didn't really have any breathing room.  They never let up.

            CRISTIE KERR:  No, Beany's a great player, and they never let up.  And Charley is a great player as well, a real talent, and they gave us a tough match.  And it was all about who could stick it out the longest and make the big putts, clutch putts, when we needed to, and we were able to do that.


            Q.  And you made a few yourself including a great bunker shot.

            MICHELLE WIE:  Yeah, those two bunker shots, they both looked like they were going in.  We just fed off each other's energy today.  She got my back when I didn't play well and I got hers.  And we just did well today and we needed that point, so it feels great.




Q.        Just talk about this round.  I know it's a little bit different than how it played this morning for you.  Just talk about how different it was.

            ANNA NORDQVIST:  I'm very disappointed.  I didn't make my putts for birdie and we never really got any momentum.  We didn't seem to make the putts when we needed to.

            We hit it pretty good on 14 and then she makes a bunker shot.  So it was a tough match.  They played great.


            Q.  What was it like playing with Giulia?

            ANNA NORDQVIST:  It was great.  But we never seemed to get any momentum.  They made putts for birdies and they played tough.





THE MODERATOR:  All right.  We would like to welcome Brittany Lang and Brittany Lincicome into the interview room.  Congratulations.  Largest victory of the day, 4 & 3, in the afternoon match.  Just take me through a little bit.  I'll start with you Brittany, since you didn't go off.

            BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Which Brittany?

            THE MODERATOR:  Brittany to my left.  That's going to be tough.  Brittany Lincicome.  Can you just take me through, you didn't play in the morning, but got to come out in the afternoon.  What was the feeling like kind of heading in with the team down 3‑1 after the morning match, and how excited were you guys to kind of get some momentum in the middle of that round?

            BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah, obviously when I woke up this morning and saw that we weren't doing so well, I tried to get out here as early as I could, and get on the course and try to cheer on some of the girls.

            And when Meg told me we were playing together, because we originally were not playing together, I think we are were both pretty excited.  Our families were excited because we've grown up playing a lot of golf together, and obviously we lost the first hole today and we just kind of looked at each other and said two balls in the fairway, two balls on the green at all times, and we'll make them make the mistakes.  And then we had some momentum kind of going into 9 and 10, I made two birdies, which helped just kind of put us in the right direction and we just didn't let off the gas.

            THE MODERATOR:  Brittany Lang, I would like to ask you about that bunker shot that you holed.  It seemed to kind of help momentum as well.  You holed that, Michelle then holed a chip, it seemed like everything was kind of finally starting to go the way of the Americans at that point.

            BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, we played great today.  Brittany played great.  I was fortunate to make that, because they were both close, Giulia and Anna were both close.  So for me to hole that out and put the pressure on them and have them not make it, that's, it's very fortunate.  It was a great shot.  Been working on those a lot, so that was fun to see that go in.

            THE MODERATOR:  We were just talking to Cristie and Michelle about the fact of going into Saturday down 5‑3, kind of what's the feeling of the team?  What's the conversations like and how do you guys kind of head into tomorrow knowing what's ahead of you?

            BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I think obviously everyone is pretty disappointed with their play today, so obviously a lot of girls are going to be fired up to want to go out there and tee it up tomorrow and get some more points kind of going our way.  It would be nice if Brit and I get together out again, because I feel like we played pretty well.  But we're honestly not sure of who is going to play with who yet.  But I know we're all fired up and ready to go for tomorrow.

            THE MODERATOR:  Questions for these two?  I guess, Brittany Lang, I'll ask, when you guys got done with the morning matches, kind of what did, did anybody say anything, like what kind of was the feeling after that when you headed into the afternoon and how important was it for you guys?  You got a split, but what was kind of the focus point talking?

            BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, well Angela and I played good, it was a good match.  We were, I was extremely positive, because I was hitting it good, playing good, I was comfortable out there.  And Dottie came right up to me and said, hey, you're playing in the afternoon.

            And I was so excited, because I am, I'm hitting it good and I'm playing good.  And I didn't know if I was going to play or not.  So I was ‑‑ and then when I found out I was playing with Brittany I was super excited.

            BRITTANY LINCICOME:  It makes it easier for the fans, they can all cheer for Brittany and it makes it so much easier.



            Q.  You guys said you were surprised that you were playing this afternoon together.  What clicked?  What made it work?

            BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I think just both of our personalities.  We just kind of feed off each other's energy and we played in 2009 together and did not get to play together in 2011.  And we were both pretty disappointed about that.

            So when we filled out our little survey like two months ago asking, who was your best person that you want to play with, I put, I think the only person I put was Brittany on the sheet.

            So we have been very clear to Meg that we really wanted to kind of play together again, because we felt like we did so good in 2009 and I just think we feed off of each other and if I did something good, when I did ‑‑ or bad ‑‑ she backed me up and vice versa.  We fed off each other's energy very, very well today.  And we're so laid back, easygoing, cracking jokes, singing country songs out there down the fairway.  It was really light out there today.


            Q.  Brittany Lang, you were one of the players who had back to back matches.  Will you talk about the endurance and what the altitude does and what a long course like this does.

            BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, it is tough, but your adrenaline's going, you're so excited to be out there.  And the morning, you're only hitting half the shots, alternate shot, so it's not that bad.

            But I was a little bit more jacked up in the afternoon, my adrenaline was going, I don't know why, maybe more fans or something.  But I don't think anybody really gets tired because of the excitement and crowds.  I didn't anyway.  I was very excited.  I was so thankful I got to play in the afternoon.  So I made sure that ‑‑ you make sure you eat plenty, drink plenty, you sit down for a minute, but I felt just fine.

            BRITTANY LINCICOME:  The altitude was something because we were trying to sing a song going up 15 fairway and neither one of us could get words out.



            Q.  For Brittany Lang, can you talk, what is the psychology in making a ‑‑ it seems foursomes is kind of tricky in pairing people together, because it must be kind of hard to get in a rhythm when you're only hitting every other shot.  Can you just talk about what you think, what works in that kind of a pairing?

            BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, you have to be paying attention to the shots.  Like if I wasn't hitting a wedge shot, still go up, see the yardage, kind of feel what you would hit, say, I would hit a full pitching wedge.  And when she hits it up there, she helps me read the putt.

            So you're not taking 10 minutes off, you're still kind of seeing your shots and getting in a rhythm.  But, again, the personalities.  I played with Angela Stanford and we always have fun together, we always play well together.  We didn't play well, we got beat.  They played really well.  But personalities, it's a big thing to make sure that you're happy on the course and having fun and you're clicking and you're getting a nice flow with alternate shot.  So personalities and making sure you're showing up for every shot.

            THE MODERATOR:  One question I was going to ask, since you mentioned the fans and the crowds this afternoon, you guys have both been through these events here in the U.S., but it seemed like there was a significant crowd out there today.  The chants were pretty loud when you got things going in the afternoon.  What was the atmosphere out there today?

            BRITTANY LINCICOME:  It was crazy.  From even hole one on I was doing as much as I could.  When I got to the green, I was throwing my arms up on every single green, just getting the crowd going.  Because I know, if I'm playing another match and I hear a big roar on another hole, that maybe somebody in that group, you know, one of our Americans did something really good.

            So it's not even about yourself there, it's more so for your team as well.  So you look at the fans and they make eye contact and they light up.  So that's a big part of us playing well this week is the fans backing us.




            THE MODERATOR:  We would like to welcome Cristie Kerr and Michelle Wie into the interview room.  Congratulations ladies, a nice victory in your afternoon match.  First off, take me through the match a little bit.  Cristie, you had gone out in the morning, had a little bit of a tough loss and then to come out this afternoon and you guys seemed to get some momentum early on.

            CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, we did.  We ended up birdieing the first hole and they ended up parring it, got the momentum right from the start.

            Ended up having kind of a bad hole on 3.  Got it right back then.  Birdieing the par‑3, whatever hole that was.  6, I guess.

            They squared it at the turn and I made a huge putt on 10.

            Michelle's barely missed some putts right and left out there, and they were just not dropping for her, but she was putting beautifully.

            And then we were able to hang tough, halving holes with birdies and finally, Michelle chipped in on 13 and we kind of hung in there.

            THE MODERATOR:  Michelle, take me through that chip in.  I know we all were watching and Cristie, your reaction was pretty good as well.  What did that do for the match and kind of the momentum swinging and keeping that going?

            MICHELLE WIE:  Yeah, it was a huge momentum swing there, just because I hit such a bad wedge shot and I got relief from the grand stand.  And I felt pretty good over the chip.  I kind of saw what Catriona's putt kind of did.  And once I hit it ‑‑ I mean so many putts before that it ‑‑ everything looked like it was going to go in, so I just needed one to go in.  And that one looked like it was going to go in and when it went in we just went crazy.  I think we really needed that and it felt awesome.

            THE MODERATOR:  How much were you guys watching the other matches throughout the afternoon?  And to split 2‑2, kind of what's the feeling like heading into tomorrow down 5‑3?

            CRISTIE KERR:  Actually, I don't think we really paid much attention to the other matches.  We had our hands full with playing a tough team, and it would have been great to get another point this afternoon, but we hung tough, we got some points, and we're coming out strong tomorrow.

            THE MODERATOR:  Questions?


            Q.  Can you just talk about your frame of mind and the mood after that morning session, that tough morning session.

            CRISTIE KERR:  You're talking to me because you didn't play in the morning.  Okay.  It's been a long day.


            Q.  For the whole American team, not you personally?

            CRISTIE KERR:  We knew we had to rally.  I thought we did a good job of rallying in the afternoon.  They're tough.  But we knew we had to get some points, and we did that, and I felt like I was close to playing really, really well.  This morning ‑‑ no, I'm saying this morning.

            MICHELLE WIE:  You did play really well.

            CRISTIE KERR:  And I came out and got the momentum right away and started hitting some better iron shots, and the greens are about as firm as they can get, I guess.

            You hit a wrong club, you're going to go screaming over a green, as you saw happen a couple times.

            I got my putter to work, so it was really satisfying seeing some of those putts go in when we needed them to.


            Q.  Michelle, knowing how badly you wanted to be on this team, just how much does it mean to you to make a point?  Is that a relief and what does this do for your confidence?

            MICHELLE WIE:  I went out to watch a couple of matches this morning, and just seeing so much blue on the leaderboard, it was just the motivation I needed when I got off today.

            But honestly, I just had so much fun out there with Cristie, grinding out there.  It was nice to see her make some putts, it was nice to do that really big chip in.  And it was fun out there.  We grinded out there, it feels great to have a point.  And we're just going to kill it the next two days.

            CRISTIE KERR:  She has fun with me because I think she can put up with me.

            (Laughter.)  It's actually true.


            Q.  Cristie, talk about playing this morning and then playing this afternoon and grinding out on a 36 holes on a course like this; a long course, a high course, an up‑and‑down course.

            CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, it's tough.  With the altitude, and it's a hilly course, and I actually felt pretty good today.  It's probably the first day I really haven't noticed the altitude so much.  It's taken me three or four days to kind of get used to it.  So yeah, it's tough.  I'm going to sleep well tonight.


            Q.  Cristie, you and Paula made a little run late in your morning match, did any of that carry over into your afternoon play?

            CRISTIE KERR:  For sure.  In foursomes in the morning, the alternate shot, you have to get up in your match.  If you lose control of the match early it's hard to get it back.  So every little bit helps.  If you're 4‑down you get to 3‑down, get to 2 town, get to 1‑down.  Take that into another match, it all adds up.


            Q.  You both were young once and?

            CRISTIE KERR:  Thank you.



            Q.  And were out playing.  Can you speak to Charlie Hull.  Had you seen that kind of performance from a 17 year old before?  What did you think?

            CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah.  Right here.  (Indicating to Michelle).  She's a good player.  She's thrown into a lot of pressure and an interesting situation this week.  And Solheim Cup makes you a stronger player.  It makes you believe that you can, and learn how to, handle anything that comes your way.  And she will be a better golfer for it.


            Q.  Are the Americans staggered by this score and the outcome in the first day?

            CRISTIE KERR:  I don't think so.  We have seen it before.  A lot.  We have to have a really strong day tomorrow to give us the momentum to go into singles.  And we are all prepared to do it.  No matter what it takes.






            Q.  You played fabulously well together.  How do you feel about that?

            CAROLINE HEDWALL:  I think we're just playing really solid.  Obviously the Americans played really well as well, but it's been a great day and I enjoyed playing with Caroline.


            Q.  Caroline, you've been waiting all day to make your rookie debut and I know how much you've been looking forward to this.  You putted great and these greens are really difficult.  You must be feeling great.

            CAROLINE MASSON:  Caroline and I, I think we just worked really well together, dropped a few good putts, which is always good.

            That's just what you got to do in match play, I think.  And it was a lot of fun and I can't wait for tomorrow.


            Q.  And everybody says the Europeans are great at foursomes and not so good at four‑ball, better ball, any idea why that is?

            CAROLINE HEDWALL:  I think we proved it different.  We played really well, and Suzann and Carlota just won their point, so I think we're doing pretty good.


            Q.  So basically you don't believe that then.

            CAROLINE HEDWALL:  No.





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