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What the players said during round two of the Evian Championship

Interview with: MIKA MIYAZATO


            MODERATOR:  We'd like to welcome our current leader Mika Miyazato, into the interview room.  Congratulations.  Sitting at 8‑under par after a 2‑under round today.

            Take me through your day.  What was really working well for you out there?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I start day first, second hole two on the bogey.  And maybe not was today was thinking, but after second hole, just try do my best my golf game.  I was birdie 6 and 7 hole, pretty nice comeback.

            After 11 I went to the left side, the tree, and good up and down.  Made par.

            Finish pretty good No. 18.  I hit hybrid three and just this much okay birdie.  It's pretty tough day for me.

            MODERATOR:  When you look at 18, everyone is talking about what a tough par‑4 that is.  You had to hit hybrid in.  How excited were you when you saw how close that shot was to the hole?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I was thinking just to on the green, not thinking to made a birdie.  It's lucky.

            MODERATOR:  You won last year the Safeway Classic for your first win on the LPGA Tour.  This tournament is only going to be 54 holes due to the possible weather.  What would it mean leading now with 18 holes?  With 18 holes left at the moment, what would it mean to you to win a major championship?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I had that experience last year.  I won the Safeway Classic.  Not same situation, but this is a major.

            But just I heard rain tomorrow all day, but I still keep try more aggressive play I just thinking.

            MODERATOR:  When you guys are now looking and you can see the weather forecast of so much rain tonight and tomorrow and you don't know when you might play, how hard is that when you're kind of unsure of when you're going to get back out on the golf course?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  That's pretty tough question.  (Laughter.)  But I don't know.  I try any situation, but I try to my golf game more important.

            MODERATOR:  Questions.


            Q.  You are the second Miyazato.  The other one, more famous?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  Talking about Ai Miyazato?


            Q.  Yes.

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  Yes.


            Q.  What was that like?  How much confusion has there been over the years?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I'm not confused, but I'm thinking lucky because same last name.  Looks like everybody say sisters, so everybody may remember me.

            MODERATOR:  And you and Ai are very close friends and grew up in the same area of Japan.  I think that makes it more confusing for people that you're from the same area and have the same last name but are not related.

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  No.


            Q.  Have you ever checked to see if you are related going back?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I don't know.  I never check.


            Q.  How difficult was it to get your confidence back after the first two holes with the bogeys?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I just mistake in the second shot yardage‑wise, so just figured out it's pretty easy, so...

            MODERATOR:  So once you were able to get through those two holes and you knew it was just mistakes in yardage, you were able to get yourself back on track and didn't worry too much about the two bogeys?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  Just two holes.


            Q.  Are you pleased with 54 holes?  Are you happy that it's just 45 holes?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  Not happy.  Usually major 72 holes, so I don't know.


            Q.  We just noticed the back of your jumper.  Who's little Pete?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I need to answer?  I don't know.  This is my sponsor's shirt.  I don't know.


            Q.  Pete is not a good looking boyfriend or anything?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  (Laughter.)

            MODERATOR:  Just a sponsor shirt, right?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  (Laughter.)

            MODERATOR:  Any other questions for Mika?

            Best of luck.  Hopefully we'll get some golf in early tomorrow.

An interview with SUZANN PETTERSEN

            MODERATOR:  Suzann Pettersen, welcome back to the media center.  Been a busy week for you; you've been in here a few times.  That's a good thing when we get to, what day is it today, Saturday.

            So congratulations on another good round.  You're up at the top of the leaderboard.

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  Yeah, today I didn't play my perfect game of golf out there, but I made a few really good pars; I missed a few greens, holed a few good par putts; had a few easy birdies; few easy tap‑ins.  That obviously helps around this place.

            Really tried to take advantage of good playing conditions.  That being said, it's not overly easy to get close to some of those pins.  There are a few out there that you think you would never see.

            At the same time, it's fun, with a challenge, and I'm starting to actually like the new changes.

            MODERATOR:  In what way?

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  I just think it takes time to know the greens.  I think obviously if you're in the middle of the fairway you can use the clubs from the greens to get close to some pins.  There are some pin placements where it's going to be impossible to get close.

            If you can just accept that and try and take advantage on the easier approaches, you can actually put a good score together.

            MODERATOR:  Let's take that a step further.  Based on the scores you've shot, there are enough birdie opportunities out there.  The things I am hearing is the course is playing longer.  Obviously it's course wet.

            From your eye, you know how certain courses fit your eye.  How does in this one fit your eye?

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  If you look at what the course looks like and how it fits your eye, it's the same as it's always been.  The layout is exactly the same.  The greens have changed, but the tee shots, kind of the steel you have on every tee box has hardly changed for me.  You're still kind of playing on the side of a hill.  You either have the ball above or below your feet.  That hasn't changed much.

            The par‑3s have improved a lot.  A lot tougher.  But you have some good par‑5s out there that you can ‑‑ are in my reach.  It's playing pretty fair.  Just really got to see what the weather gives us over the next 24 hours.

            I feel like I'm in a good position to try get it to 9‑under.  Didn't manage, but still a solid round of golf.  Couple under is never going to hurt you in a major championship.

            MODERATOR:  Questions.


            Q.  What were the greens like today compared to yesterday?

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  They were a lot better this morning than they were yesterday.  Tried to take advantage of being ‑‑ well, somehow some of the first groups out the greens were faster to start.  Obviously they dried out a little bit.

            But overall it's playing very similar to yesterday.  It's still very soggy.  The ball is plugging on the fairways; it's plugging on the greens.  So, yeah.


            Q.  What has experience done for you over the years?

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  Experience?  Well, since I'm blonde, I don't really evaluate my experience too well.  That's just a part of being blonde.  But I'm learning every year.

            I think I'm just smarter.  I train smarter; I prepare smarter; I still get my freaky moments, but it's less of 'em.



            Q.  (No microphone.)

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  I guess we're all very into this.  We're a very competitive.  It's sometimes easy to lose your head.  That's what this game can do to you sometimes.  It can make you crazy, but can also be very satisfying at the same time.

            Just feel it trying to even out that balance.  Just accept that you're not going to play perfect golf every single day and still work on your weakest shot.

            MODERATOR:  Talk your training.  When you say you train and prepare differently, how differently is it today than maybe it was, say, five years ago?

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  Well, I think in the past, I mean, I could spend all day on the golf course and practice hours after hours after hours.  Now I feel there's better structure and discipline to my practice.  I'm a lot more time efficient.

            During the week of a tournament, you would like to just maintenance work, just literally try and spend the most time on and around the greens.

            During weeks off, when you have weeks off in a pretty busy schedule, you don't want to spend 10 hours on the golf course.  If you can, maximize the hours you're on the golf course and give yourself a break to do something different, that is where I'm trying to go.  It's not that easy when you literally love to practice.

            Q.  (No microphone.)

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  I mean, I literally decided from the second I put my feet on this course early in the week not to kind of have too much bad energy going around.  When you see changes, if you don't like it personally, you can easily get on the wrong side.

            I've been very laid back.  I understand we're in a difficult position.  It's not ideal for either the championship or for the players or the tour in general to cut down on major rounds.  So we do the best we can.

            We can't really do much before we see what the course is like in the morning.  I'm going to stay in Europe, so I can stay Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Doesn't matter.  I'll stay as long as it takes to finish this off.

            MODERATOR:  Let me ask you one before you go.  You talked yesterday about what motivates you right now and so forth.  You're No. 3 in the world; you won two events at the end of last year and won two this year.

            What is left for Suzann Pettersen?  If your career was going to come to a close, what's the most important thing to you at this point?

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  Well, it's not coming to a close yet.  I feel like I have a lot of unfinished business out here.  I have my best golf ahead.

            Until I feel like the day comes and I feel like I've reached my point and I'm starting to go reverse, then I'll think about it.  But I feel like my best game is still ahead, and that is what kind of keeps me going and on my tippy toes.

            MODERATOR:  Is No. 1 hugely important to you?

            SUZANN PETTERSEN:  I think the pros says so, but I'm going at it, winning tournaments, is what I am striving for.  If you do that, the rest will kind of take care of itself.

            You can't control what your opponents are doing.  Inbee has had a fantastic season.  I've been up against a few pretty good No. 1s in my career.  I've pretty much been No. 2 behind the last three, almost four, so I know what it takes.

            I just think it makes you want it even more.  Grind it out even better every day.  No, it's fun competition.  It's tough.

An interview with LYDIA KO

            MODERATOR:  We'd like to welcome Lydia Ko into the interview room at the Evian Championship.  A second round 67 with four birdies and no bogeys.  But more importantly, you say you left a few birdies out there.  Are you happy or are you frustrated?

            LYDIA KO:  Like when I look back, yesterday seemed like a better day.  Yeah, it seemed like a better day yesterday, but it's probably because I was off the green a lot and I putted the par putts in.

            But, you know, I didn't make any bogeys today and I made a chip‑in for par.  Yeah, of course really happy in that kind of area.

            But I definitely gave myself a lot of opportunities.  I missed a lot of putts.  I made two birdies in a row on 3 and 4, and then on 5 was probably furtherest [sic] away.

            On 6 I hit to 1.5 meters, the next 2 meters and then like three meters, so I was pretty angry and it was really building up.  When I putted my birdie putt on 17, I said, Oh, come on, please.  It's time to go in.  I know I don't expect myself to hole everything, but getting 2‑putts isn't real.

            MODERATOR:  Sure.  Do you expect to be in this type of position, especially now at a major championship, given the success you've had on the LPGA as an amateur?

            LYDIA KO:  Yeah, I mean, I played some really good golf and I was really happy about that.  I came off a really good week in Canada.  Like I said, that was a couple weeks ago.  I've never been really in kind of contention with the leaders at a major before.

            And because it's a 54‑hole event now, it's only one round to get the work done.  Hopefully it will be a good day tomorrow.  But, you know, I can't hit it as good as I did today every single day.

            MODERATOR:  Questions for Lydia.  Please use the microphone.


            Q.  Do you feel any pressure going into tomorrow, or what's your mindset?  Obviously you're in contention.

            LYDIA KO:  Yeah, I was one shot behind the leader, Caroline, at the Canadian Open.  I'm the same I think behind Mika.  But there are so many other people that are close.  It's not like me and her playing.  I just got to play my own game.

            I don't know how the weather and the pin positions are going to be tomorrow.  But, yeah, I heard it's meant to rain, and definitely low scores are going to be the big thing.


            Q.  What time do you go bed?

            LYDIA KO:  Um, on the day that it got canceled, Thursday, because I was meant to tee off at 8:07, I went to bed a little like 8:00 the day before.  That night I went to bed at 7:30.  I need at least nine hours of sleep.  People say beauty asleep, but I don't think so.

            Yeah, you know, I had plenty of sleep.  I think I slept for 11 hours.  As I'm getting older I'm sleeping more and more.  Like before I used to only sleep until 6:00 a.m. and it was just immediate wake‑up call.  Now I can sleep until 3:00 p.m. if the alarm is off.


            Q.  You look very calm and in control on the golf course.  Do you get nervous?  Will you be nervous tomorrow?

            LYDIA KO:  To me, like the most important hole is the first and the last hole.  Like in the past, if I've missed a short putt on the first hole, then it becomes a whole bad putting day.

            So really the first hole is where I get the most nervous, and the same with the 18th.

            MODERATOR:  Other questions for Lydia?  Well, I hope you get a great night of sleep tonight.

            LYDIA KO:  Thank you.  I will sleep really well.


            Q.  (Question regarding glasses.)

LYDIA KO:  Yeah, I really want to get contacts.  Like in the cars they've got wipers.  I said they should design one for glasses.  I would one myself if I could.

            It is pretty uncomfortable because I'm having to clean all the time.  If I have a hood or umbrella, doesn't really bother me.


An interview with STACY LEWIS


            Q. Just take me through.  What were some of the highlights for you out there today?

            STACY LEWIS:  I just played solid.  Wasn't really anything crazy.  Definitely played better on my back nine.  Hit couple close on the par‑3s.  Made a couple easy birdies.

            It was just a steady day.  Could have been better; could have been worse, too.


            Q.  Conditions today, I know it's cold in the morning, but other than that pretty good?

            STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, the golf course played about the same.  Greens are a definitely a little better playing in the morning versus the afternoon.

            It was nice.  Made a few putts.  It was nice out there so far.


            Q.  Overall with your game this week, what have been the highlights and something you can keep improving?

            STACY LEWIS:  I don't know.  I mean, I've just played solid.  I haven't done anything crazy good yet, which is kind of nice.  I haven't played my best round yet, which is good.  Hopefully we play tomorrow.

            I think my putting has got better today.  It can still get better.  I mean, the good part is I haven't played my best golf yet.


            Q.  Playing with Suzann, did you feed off that?  Do you pay attention?

            STACY LEWIS:  I don't think you really pay attention.  We were all struggling yesterday with the greens.  But I mean, I don't know.  Suzann and Shanshan, they're easy to play with.  Just makes it a nice day.


            Q.  Looking at a 54‑hole event, how do you change your mindset in terms of a major championship and knowing one more round to go?

            STACY LEWIS:  Well, it's unfortunate.  I think a major should be 72 holes.  I would have liked to have seen a cut to 50 instead of 70 and try to get 72 in.

            But 54 holes is a shootout, so you just got to go out there tomorrow and do the best you can.  It's hard not playing 72 holes for a major.


            Q.  How much do you guys watching these weather forecasts in terms of knowing when you play, what might happen, how uncertain is that?

            STACY LEWIS:  I think it's been pretty clear to everyone what happening today.  It's going to be fine today.  As the day goes on it's going to get worse.  We know it in the back of your mind.  You go out and play the best you can.

            Coming back tomorrow the course is going to be completely different.  It's going to be muddy and wet.  You just got to adjust and see what you can do.

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