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Camilla Lennarth’s Tournament Warm-Up

In this series we hear from LET members on how they warm-up for their tournament round. Here, Camilla Lennarth from Sweden talks us through her preparation for an 11:45 tee time.

Camilla said:

I sleep for as long as I can… so in this case until 8.50am. I got up and stretched in my room. I took my bag and went down to breakfast. I had yoghurt and a cheese sandwich. I just drink water, no tea or coffee.

I usually warm up for an hour and 15 minutes before I tee off.

I go to the putting green first, I have a putting tutor, a little black thing you put on the ground and hit through two balls.

I do that for 2-3 minutes and then putt normally. I do that for 20 minutes.

Then I go chipping and bunker shots for 5-10 minutes and then I go to the range for 25 minutes before I have to be on the tee box. I try to be on the tee for 10 minutes before the tee time.

I start with a wedge, hit a few until I’m satisfied then switch club. I don’t have a specific routine but if it’s a short course I’ll hit a few more wedge shots. I finish with the driver and then I go to the tee.

I mark the balls the night before and show the golf ball to the rest of the group and we switch score cards. I take fruit and water and make a decision on what golf club I’m going to hit.

I do have a few superstitions. I like to have a ball marker in a matching colour with my clothes but I’ve lost so many and right now I barely have any. I didn’t putt well yesterday so I threw it away thinking it was the marker’s fault. I’m running out of markers right now!

Follow Camilla on Twitter @CamillaLennarth


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