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A Day in the Life of Charley Hull

Born on 20th March 1996, 17-year-old Charley Hull became the youngest player in Solheim Cup history when she qualified for the European Team this August. She was part of the first team to beat the Americans on their home soil and played a huge part, defeating Paula Creamer in the singles. Charley is the youngest member of the Ladies European Tour and turned professional in January before finishing second in each of her first five events on the Ladies European Tour, in Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Holland and Germany. Here, she talks us through her practice routine when at home and on Tour.

Tournament Day Warm Up (Tee Time 9:15):

I woke up at 6:45 and lay in until 7. I went down about 7:20 for breakfast. For breakfast I normally have an omelette but they didn’t have any eggs so I had two bowls of cereal with some fruit and a croissant with Nutella and strawberry jam.

I caught the bus at 7:45 and arrive at the course by 8:00. I go into the clubhouse, go on my phone to text my friends and say hi!

Then I go and do some putting on my putting matt.

I hit some five footers working on my putting stroke to make sure it’s good. Then I hit two or three longer putts.

I go to the range, start with my shorter irons and then my longer clubs. I go pitching wedge, 8, 6, 4, rescue, 3-wood, driver.

I do a few pitches and then I hit my 4-iron for one last shot, because I like hitting my 4-iron!

I come back and do a few more putts (a variety of lengths) and then tee off. I have to hole the last one.

I go to the tee 7 minutes before. I mark the balls the week before. I have two apples, two bananas and water.

I use my own special tees called Bees Tees, because I like them.

I usually have a song in my head!  

A practice day at home:

I wake up around 8am and have breakfast, just cereal and water or orange juice. I’m down at the golf course by 9.30am and practice from 10am-5pm.

When I get to the range I do a few stretches. I do some putting, chipping, pitching and hit some balls and then go and play nine holes. I come in, do some more putting and go home. I don’t really plan it. I just feel it.

I usually have a sandwich or something for lunch and some fruit.

If I have a buggy I’ll play nine holes every day but sometimes I have three days off just to practice. The majority of the time I’ll play and practice.

I like getting back around 5pm when my friends finish work and we’ll go out and see each other. For dinner I like pizza, salad, chicken and barbecue.

I don’t really plan it. I don’t go the gym a lot, but I do a lot of stretching for 15 minutes each day, usually before practice. Sometimes I work with my physical coach and we do a session a week when I’m back, but I’m only 17 and I like to see my friends as well.


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