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Danielle Montgomery’s Training Regime

In this series we focus on how golfers prepare for a tournament round, both when at home and immediately prior to the round. Here we here from Danielle Montgomery who represents England but resides in Perth.

Before a Tournament Round (11:30 tee time):

We’re used to getting up early so a sleep in is past 8am. I was up and had breakfast, cereal with rice milk, because I don’t eat dairy. I have a coffee with rice milk. Sometimes I have gluten free bread.

I share a house with other players so had to come early. At the course, 2 hours before, I do my course guide, pin positions, I’ll go to the locker room and stretch and do a few exercises for 15 minutes.

I’ll hit long putts for 10 minutes, then I’ll go and hit balls and chip and bunkers. I start with my wedges, usually lob wedges and sand-iron.

I just do targets and try not to think about my swing. I’ll work it up, maybe 9, 7, odd numbers.  The next day I’ll do even numbers because you don’t want to wear your clubs out. Every time I go to the range I don’t want to hit an 8-iron.

I’ll work up to driver and the last shot I’ll hit the club I’m going to use on the first tee.

I’ll go back to the locker room, go and hit mostly short putts and then go to the tee. I always hole three putts before.

I get to the first tee ten minutes before, mark the golf balls, grab some tees and put them in my hair.

I keep my ball marker on my cap. I have around five and rotate them.

I try to relax and visualise. One shot at a time.

My only superstition is, because we fly a lot, I always say a prayer before I fly.

A normal training day at home:

I usually get up at 6am, walk the dog. I make myself gluten free toast and a take-away coffee.

When I’m back in Australia my coach has a golf college called Pro Tour Golf College and we start at 8am and finish about 3pm. We have a programme. There are about 8-10 pupils training. I have two coaches with me all the time watching me and we have specific things we do each day.

We start at the short game range and start with wedges, then we do chipping and you have a competition with another person, then lunch around 12, then driving range.

When I go home I’m usually on a diet so I have tuna and rice. I bring the rice in a packet that you microwave and a tin of tuna and fruit throughout the day.

I hit balls for an hour and a half and then we putt for an hour. There are different drills that we do each day.

I go home, go for another walk with my dog.

I might play nine holes in the evening because I live right next to the golf course.

When I’m at home I only play 18 holes at the weekend, or with the programme, we play 18 holes every Wednesday. I probably play 18 holes twice a week and nine holes twice a week.

If I don’t play nine holes, I go to the gym. I try to go every day after training because sometimes its not possible.

For dinner, around 8pm, I don’t eat red meat, so chicken, Thai red curry with lots of vegetables, salmon, tuna steaks, chicken parmigiana, or something.

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