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How Felicity Johnson prepares for a Tournament

In this series we focus on how golfers prepare for a tournament round, both when at home and immediately prior to the round. Here we here from England’s Felicity Johnson, winner of the 2009 Tenerife Ladies Open and 2011 Lacoste Ladies Open de France.

Before a Tournament Round:

Today teed off at 10am, alarm was set for 7.45, so I leisurely got out of bed. I’m not a morning person, so I don’t like getting up!

I have some breakfast: Special K with berries and milk, some orange juice, maybe a Berroca vitamin tablet in some water.

I get ready. I like to be at the golf course 1 hour 15 before. I spend five or ten minutes changing my shoes, getting my pin positions, getting ready for the day, then I head to the range.

I stretch a little bit on the range for 5 minutes. I go to the range an hour before my tee time. I start by swinging two clubs at the same time just to loosen the muscles. I’ve always done that.

I’ll start with a gap wedge, hit some half shots and then hit some full shots. Then I’ll go to my 7-iron, hit a few shots, a few fades, a few lower ones if it’s windy, to get some shots I might need for that day.

I hit my 4 rescue, again I try to hit different shots with it: some fades, some draws: whatever I think the day is going to need.

Then some 5-woods and some drivers and I’m done!

I’ll hit a few shots around the chipping green, a few bunker shots for a few minutes to get some feel.

I spend 15 minutes on the putting green. I start with shorter putts to hole some and get some confidence for the day. I start with three golf balls, then I’ll use one golf ball for a while for some pace putts. Then back to three balls at mid range. I’ll finish holing three short putts in a row.

I go to the tee eight minutes before because I don’t want to be there for ages.

I get my score card, stats card, I’ll write my pin positions in on my yardage book if I haven’t done them. Get a golf ball ready, ball marker, pitch fork, I grab a handful of tees and put them in my pocket.

I have either two or four ball markers: I like an even number for some reason!

The balls are marked at the start of the week.

I’m always hoping for a good day but I just try and focus on the shot I’m going to hit.

A typical day on a non-tournament week:

I get up at 8.30/9am, have a shower and breakfast.

I do a little bit of stretching. I might go to the gym in the morning or the afternoon. Say I go to the gym in the morning, around 9.30. It’s a 15 minute drive, then I do mainly cardio. I do some rowing, try to do 1000 metres as quickly as possible. I don’t do a set routine. I might do some running, around 12 minutes, but I get bored doing that, so I do spring intervals. I enjoy that more. I do some cycling at different interval levels to vary it again. I do some light weights and I’m usually there for around an hour.

I have lunch and then go and practice or play golf in the afternoon at around 2pm.

If I’m not working on something in my swing, I’ll hit some golf balls for half an hour on the range, the same routine as at a tournament. Then I’ll do some chipping and putting for around an hour.

By this time my brothers will have finished school and we’ll go and play nine holes finishing around 6pm.

I’ll go home and have dinner and then I’m done for the day! I like roast dinners cooked by my mum!

You can follow Felicity on Twitter @FlicJohnsonGolf


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