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Getting to know Ariane Provot, from France



Ariane Provot is 21 years old and was born in Metz, north east of France. She was under the instruction of the French National Federation in Paris, until last year, when she started to practice more independently. She recently turned professional and is now based in Biarritz, where she practices at the International Golf Training Center of Ilbarritz with her new coach Sebastian.

Ariane played some professional LETAS events this year: at Terre Blanche and Dinard in France. She finished tied for second at LET Pre-Qualifying in Rabat and went forward to the Final Stage before earning her full Tour card. We interviewed her in Rabat and this is what she said:

Q: How and when did you start to play golf?

It was my father who really played golf in my family. I used to practice many sports including ballet and gymnastics. I was eight years old when I first started. As I did not see my father much, I asked him to come to the golf course with me, so we could spend some time together. I tried and stayed for five hours practicing and then asked him to continue and here I am. This was in Metz, there is a golf course there called Metz Cherisey Golf Club where I played until I turned 11 years old. Then I went with the National Federation, moved to Paris and started to follow a special golf program with them.

Q: Your preparation before coming here: what have you been doing and how many tournaments in total have you played?

I have been playing amateur events all around Europe, around 15 in total and also representing France at the European Team Championship. My best result was in October, at the International of France in Paris, where I finished fourth. But I also played some LETAS events.

Q: What is your best result to date?

I have won many times the “Championnat de France” and my best score was -6 in 2008. This year it has been -4.

Q: Tell us about your game, the best and weakest part. What do you think you would need to improve to play in the LET?

The best part of my game is the putting, with average of 31 and I am also really steady with my driver, always on the fairway, well, sometimes in rough but it is always in play. My driving distance is around 215 meters. My irons and wedges are good and between 100 and 150 meters, my game is okay.

The weakest part is my bunker game, which I am currently working on and the chipping. This part is getting much better, but I believe if I want to become a better player, I have to do it even more better.

Q: Any holes in one?

Just one, in 2011.

Q: Have you played any professional events? How was your experience?

I played last year in the Lacoste Ladies Open de France in Chantaco. It was a great experience and I have also played two LETAS events in France this year. It was really interesting to play with the professionals and I loved it. The professional play more focused and they are very friendly, always telling you “Well played, good shot…” I also loved the atmosphere! As an amateur we did not used to talk much to each other… with the professionals, I find it more fun and more relaxed.

Q: Is there any player from LETAS or LET that have impressed you or you really like?

I like Valentine Derrey. I was her team mate and loved her attitude on the golf course, really aggressive… That´s what I love.

Q: After your experience at these professional events, do you think you are ready for the LET?

Yes, I have confirmed what I first thought, that I have some really good possibilities. It has also helped me with my confidence.

Q: Who is your golfing idol?

Not, many…Annika Sorenstam and then Patricia Meunier- Lebouc. She was coaching us at the National Federation.

Q: Your plans?

To know the courses and position myself. If I perform well, I will earn some money but if not, I will take it as a year of experience which will make me a better player for the future


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