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Interview with the 2011 champion Yani Tseng

Q. Yani, it’s great to have you back in Australia, is it a place you like to visit?

YANI TSENG: Yes, thanks for having me back. I’m always very happy to be back here, it’s like another hometown because when I was an amateur I played here and now I’m back again, I am very appreciative to be here and really looking forward to it.

Q. This year you went on a bicycle caravan trip of 430 km or miles, is that right?

YANI TSENG:  I was going to go but the weather was bad to we couldn’t ride but next time.

Q.  Is that how you practice, do you do a lot of cycling and exercise in the off season?

YANI TSENG:  I do, I love to do other exercise in the months off I don’t play any golf, hanging out with my family and just doing some crazy exercise and just go away from the golf.

Q. What is your golf game like at the moment, do you feel confident with your game?

YANI TSENG:  I do feel confident, I work with … in Orlando and I was there last week and we worked on my swing a little bit. We changed a little bit and just try to get me used to it to have my best win out there, to make me more comfortable and confident with my swing. I think I’m almost there, it’s not 100% but it’s good to doubt yourself because it keeps you working harder. This time I know the golf course so I’m not worried too much, I just want to go out there and have fun and do the best I can do and swing the best swing I can swing.

Q.  You’ve had a lot of injuries for 2 years now, what’s mostly cause all of those?

YANI TSENG:  I got my elbow injury before the Q School. So it’s actually been for about 6 years on and off and never 100% perfect because before Q school I was working really, really hard practising for Taiwan and the States, so that’s what cause my elbow tricep tendonitis but now it’s almost 100% there. I work a lot better and stretch and do ice and a lot of massage so now I feel little pain. I feel my body is good, just have to keep stretching and icing to try and contain my body for as long as I can. 

Q.  You’ve dropped down in world ranking over the last for years, how much has it cost you in rankings? 

YANI TSENG: Not much at all in world rankings really, I just try to do the best I can. I think my goal is to just do my best and try and win in the tournament and if my world ranking goes up, it goes up. If I play good, I don’t really worry about it that much. It’s really tough to … I just focus on … try to make it better.. my swing, my show game, my putting and my long game and my physical so I don’t really worry about ranking or winnings. Everyone wants to win the tournament and everybody wants to be on top but I’ve been there before and it would be nice to get back for sure, but now I focus more on the best that I can do then on the results.  

Q.  Karrie has a fantastic record here, she always scores well here, what does it take to beat her at a place where she is so comfortable?

YANI TSENG: I’ve won here once, so you know. Everyone on this golf course makes lots of birdies, so this week my goal is to go out and make as many birdies as I can. If I get a bogey that’s fine, just try to do the best I can this week. There are a few tough holes out there but you just need to be patient and try to make birdies on every hole

Q. The greens are getting firmer, how do you expect that to affect your game?

YANI TSENG:  I haven’t practiced out there yet but my caddy was saying it was pretty firm. I think this course had a little bit of an advantage to me, it’s tougher but I am happy.

Q.  Talking to your caddy Jason Hamilton, tell us a little bit about the change from Gary to Kevin and also changes in your equipment?

YANI TSENG: I played in Taiwan and won the tournament so it gave me a lot of confidence to come here and we haven’t changed much, just tied to change back to when I was my best in 2011, what was my swing like and what’s it like now. Now I try to feel me comfortable on my swing because I know this swing is when I play my best. Wee keep it very simple, we don’t really try lots of new stuff. With Gary and Kevin we were working on lots of things the same which makes a lot of difference for me because it’s easier to keep hearing one thing. I am very comfortable with my new equipment too, I play all 14 clubs in Callaway and Odyssey putter I feel very comfortable right now.

Q.  Yani, the injuries that you have had in the past, do you expect them to bother at this event?

YANI TSENG: No, I mean if my heart feels happy and I feel fresh then my body isn’t going to affect anything. This is a beautiful city and I’m very happy to be back here, it’s more like a vacation. I’m very lucky to have this opportunity coming back here and playing so I feel very appreciative.

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