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Round One Interview with Karrie Webb

Q.  Karrie, maybe not a great day up to your standards, two bogeys, one birdie. When you went out it seemed terribly windy?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, normally the wind picks up later on in the day. You usually get a good nine holes in where there isn’t a lot but it was up early. I think it was forecast to be up early, and I think these strong, gusty winds now were supposed to come in a bit early but it’s really picked up now. It’s tricky because I don’t feel like it ever blew out of the same direction; it was sort of cornering a little bit and a lot of the holes out there are cross breezes. So I couldn’t tell if it was helping or hurting.

Q. 2 over par, obviously not what you hoped to start with but at the moment we are looking at 4 under as the leader so no one has gone crazy out there, and with the weather now that will probably hold during the day so your thoughts for tomorrow?

KARRIE WEBB: I think it was a tricky day, I think you could still shoot low out there but I’m not surprised to see that only 4 under is leading because I feel like it was very tricky and the greens I felt were a little more tricky today than normal.

Q. You said you were practicing well, but obviously you weren’t practicing  with anyone that can play of your calibre, did you feel a little bit rusty out there today?

KARRIE WEBB: yeah, a little bit. I feel I mainly struggled with my concentration and just being focused and ready to hit my shot. I expected that but it’s still frustrating at the same time that your not able to maintain it when you need to.

Q.  It’s not exactly a disaster that start, is it? There’s plenty of time to make up the shots?

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, hopefully. It will depend on how windy it is tomorrow afternoon. It’s not a disaster, I know I’ve got quite a few things to work on. First round under the belt, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

Q.  You said the greens were a bit difficult today and you haven’t had much putting practice up north, how difficult was it to come to greens you know so well and find them a touch different to normal?

KARRIE WEBB: I think they are pretty burnt out, I think the green keeper has probably been encouraged not to grow grass seeing’s as though they are going to rip it up on Monday, so they are a bit burnt out and just wobbling a little bit. I don’t think they are breaking the true way that they normally do. I think some of them are breaking opposite to what I’m accustom to and I think everyone else will be finding it that way.

Q.  What happened there for the bogeys?

KARRIE WEBB: I missed the green, I just couldn’t get it up there.

Q.  You played with Stacey Keating who got a couple of nice birdies together, how did Stacey hit it and what are your expectations for her career?

KARRIE WEBB: Stacey played pretty solidly. Where the greens were tricky as well today is some held and some didn’t so it was hard to guess wish ones were going to release and which ones didn’t and she had a lot of nice iron shots so either……? No one in our group really had lots of close puts and Stacey putted alright, just didn’t have the speed of the greens today. I expect Stacey to be a player that will around for a long time, she will someone who is always improving. She is a gold nerd, she loves asking questions and learning, she absorbs as much information as she can to try and help her game.

Q. She’s got a really overt personality, is that a help as a girl on the tour?

KARRIE WEBB: I think she hides nerves and stuff pretty well. But she is just a great personality. I’ve had her stay at my house a few times, I had her at my house before she went to Q school finals, always a lot of fun. She’s got a lot of energy, I wish I had a little bit more of her energy

Q. How would you assess your ball striking considering it’s really the first round of the year under your belt with the score card in hand? And did you feel the wind, along with the firmness of the greens just made it difficult to get a lot of close shots?

KARRIE WEBB: I didn’t drive it very well today, and I was actually surprised because I wasn’t really concerned about that coming in so that was a little bit disappointing. For the most part I hit the shots I wanted to today but my distance control wasn’t very good. I just don’t know if I was judging the wind correctly, so I didn’t hit many close to the pin at all today.

Q.  Does today’s round affect how you will approach tomorrows second round?

KARRIE WEBB: No, obviously I would like to shoot a low one to get back into the tournament. I would just like to build on today and try and continue to shake of the rust and think about playing long shots and making some parts and if that adds up to a low when then that’s great. But I don’t think I will go out there and press to try and catch up ground. I don’t think my game is in a place where I can just put the peddle down and go, I still have to hit some shots and start to feel comfortable that I am hitting the numbers that I need and controlling the ball the way I would like. 

Q. Will you go back out to the driving range this afternoon?

KARRIE WEBB: I’ll try to. We are having trouble with straight down the wind there. It comes up over that building and knocks the balls around so we don’t get good flight but I’ll see what I can get done down there this afternoon.

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