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Interview with second round co-leader Cheyenne Woods

Q. This was the script you wrote when you woke up this wasn’t it?

CHEYENNE WOODS: Pretty close, it was a great today. I played really steady through out the entire round. My putter was working really well for me and I was hitting the ball really well. Like I said, it was a steady day, my highlight was definitely my 10th hole, holing  from the fairway.

Q.  Was it the putting today, or was your whole game just fabulous?

CHEYENNE WOODS: I would say overall my whole game was pretty good; putting was definitely what helped me today. My one bogey was a three putt but besides that, I wasn’t hitting it extremely close, but I was making 10 – 15 footers, so it was great.

Q. You said the 2013 was a real learning year for you, now your coming back in familiar territory, is that the difference?

CHEYENNE WOODS: I think so, I feel a lot more comfortable out here, and there are a few familiar faces from last year so overall I think I’m well adjusted. I’m just in a good place and I’m able to play good golf.

Q. That bogey would have been frustrating and the next hole, can you just talk us through that 10 minutes and how you got over the frustration?

CHEYENNE WOODS: yeah, 18 is a short par 5 and I hit it over the green in 2 so it was definitely a disappointment to bogey it, it’s almost like a double bogey, you lose to shots there, but who knows, if I would of birdied it maybe I wouldn’t have eagled my next hole so going into the turn I still felt good with where I was standing and the eagle was just a bonus. 

Q.  So when the balls come off the club from that fairway what was going through your head?

CHEYENNE WOODS: I knew I hit it really well, I knew it was the right club, good distance, I saw it land and then I looked away and they said it went in, when it went in so it was definitely exciting.

Q. Can you tell us how far you were and what club was used?

CHEYENNE WOODS: It was 150 yards, a little into the wind so it was a perfect 7.

Q.  The Woods name, is it something you don’t even think about anymore?

CHEYENNE WOODS: I have been playing golf since I was 5 years old so for me paying golf with the last name of woods is nothing new. It’s just now it’s on a bigger stage, I have a lot more media attention here and there but for me I’m still playing the same golf that I have been playing my whole life. I got out there with the same mindset; it’s just a bit off the golf course that it gets a little extra attention. But I’m used to it, so it’s pretty normal to me.

Q. Are you looking at this as your prep to get onto the LPGA?

CHEYENNE WOODS: Yeah, I would love for it to be. Like I said, playing on the European tour last year was a great preparation, I learned a lot, I had a lot of great experiences and I think that this year, my second full year out on tour, I think it’s going to be a good year. I’ll play European Tour and then also Symetra Tour and I’m feel really good with where my game is so I’m looking forward to it.

Q.  You said you putted really well but the two bogeys you’ve had so far?

CHEYENNE WOODS: I know, I was thinking about that after my round but I can’t complain because it’s done a lot of good things for me this week, my putter is my friend and hopefully it will stay that for the next two days.

Q. Have you ever in this position before, heading into a tournament, being on top of the leader board heading into the weekend and is your approach any different?

CHEYENNE WOODS: Professionally, just a mini tour event. I did have my tournament in Spain last year, I was leading after the first round but that’s the closest I’ve been. So this is definitely a big week for me, I’m looking forward to it and just taking one day at a time.

Q.  And the secret to going low is obviously around the putting greens?

CHEYENNE WOODS: Yeah, around the greens, my short game, my putting has been awesome this week and it’s something I’ve been working on a lot with my coach back at home so it’s feels good to see that all my hard work has paid off.

Q. Using Tiger as a sounding board, how often do you use that – do you have a little debrief occasionally?

CHEYENNE WOODS: We talk here and there, we are both extremely busy. Last time I talked to him was maybe, a few months ago. I don’t talk to him after every event. I have a swing coach that I collaborate with after every round, so that’s probably where I get most of my on course instruction. But if I ever needed something, I’ve asked Tiger for advice here and there so he’s great to have for that. But pretty much, I’m just out here doing my own thing.

Q. Some of the lower scores we’re seeing today, would you put it down to the conditions not being as gusty as yesterday or have you all unlocked the demons that seem to be the greens?

CHEYENNE WOODS: Yeah, I think it was a lot calmer today; the wind didn’t gust up too bad. Yesterday when we played it was a little rainy, a little wet, and it was windy. But today the conditions were great so you probably will continue to see the lower scores.

Q.  There are not a lot of scoreboards around the course. Are you the kind of player that likes to know how everyone else is doing or you can’t be aware of what everyone else is shooting?

CHEYENNE WOODS: No, I like to see the scoreboard, I like to see where I stand. I love seeing my name on there and I would just say it’s the same golf, I see it just to know where I am but I’m not going to change how I play, if I’ve lost a shot or if I’ve gained a shot, it’s just something nice to see as your going along the way.

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