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Interview with Trish Johnson after her second-round 66

Q. What was the key to your fabulous round today?

TRISH JOHNSON: Putting without a doubt. I’ve been playing really well for a while now. It’s a real drought on the greens. And today, the first eleven holes were quite silly. I mean I just holed everything, absolutely everything so it was very nice, hopefully it will last two more days and I keep doing it. I held way more of my putts today, that is what we have to  be competing in tournaments every week you need to be holing at least half of what I’m holing all the time. I had a little bit of practice at the beginning of the week, I just have to check my line a fraction, I rolled the ball really well yesterday, I just didn’t read the greens very well but today was lovely – like how it should be.

Q.  You weren’t here last year were you but you’ve been here a number of times?

TRISH JOHNSON: I played here quite a few times, I think I’ve missed the last two years but I have played here many times and to be honest most weeks, at the end of the day the one who putts the best wins the tournament but this of course really is a bit of a putting contest.

Q.  How many putters have you gone through in this last 12 months?

TRISH JOHNSON:  No, I don’t have a few putters; I tend to end up blaming myself more than anything else in general. It doesn’t feel very comfortable whenever it’s a poor stroke. Funny enough, since I’ve been in Australia I’ve actually rolled the ball quite well but hold nothing – and there’s a big difference between making bad strokes and the moment you make contact you know missing and then just looking at it all they way and thinking, ‘God it’s about time you went in’. But today, one of the caddies that played yesterday, we were coming back from the ninth green and he just said you rolled the ball quite well and I said yeah, but geez, these greens are tough to read and he said to be honest everything is straight, it looks like it breaks but everything is straight so today, in general I played everything straight and he was pretty much bang on.

Q. When you start on a roll like that, you mentioned a bit of mirror and connection work but is there something to be said for momentum?

TRISH JOHNSON: Yeah, definitely. But personally for me it’s more about feeling comfortable. I didn’t really miss a putt today and that makes a big difference, and what you got to do is carry on into tomorrow so go back to the putting green this afternoon, do some more putting make sure you feel just as comfortable because obviously there is more pressure tomorrow.

Q.  You’ve won 22 times worldwide but you haven’t won since 2010, what’s held you back?

TRISH JOHNSON: Two things, putting in general, but I also have some new clubs, Yonix clubs and I haven’t had a new set of clubs for donkeys years to be honest and these things are fantastic. The yardage is very different, all of a sudden 150 yards is comfortable so it makes a big difference. I may be a club or a club and a half longer then I was a few months ago. And I think I’m just hitting drivers pretty well, I tend to play pretty well.

Q. Did you seek out the caddy and offer him a beer?

TRISH JOHNSON: I played with him again today. He kept saying every time I holed a putt he said you owe me. But you know how this goes, you have a day like that and then you come out tomorrow – but I think I know what I’m trying to do, I feel comfortable in the strokes so hopefully it will carry on for the season. It’s not just about this tournament. I’m really enjoying my golf, I love playing golf, I love competing. I like being in this position and you can’t be unless you hole putts.

Q.  How many one putt greens do you seriously think you had today?

TRISH JOHNSON: I had two no putt greens today, one was a really good wedge shot but the one on 4th, I did that from about a yard off the green. I made some good 10 footers. It was more pleasing.

Q.  How much of a mental battle is it, you mentioned that your struggling but it seems like it’s only as big as a thimble, what do you do to overcome that?

TRISH JOHNSON: Personally, it’s more hard work. So you know, when I look in the mirror I look at the way my angles and think, mmm, it doesn’t really look right and that doesn’t give you a large amount of confidence. But as I say, sometimes you just have to forget about what it looks like and feels like. Today I just did the same thing over and over, I can’t really explain it, it’s just a feeling. It’s probably better described as just letting the putter flow rather then really trying. These greens are strange because as hard as they are to read, as soon as you get them on line it goes in – it doesn’t deviate. 

Q.  Since you have started playing golf there has been a real youth revolution, what do you think about more girls taking to golf?

TRISH JOHNSON: I think it’s fantastic. Over the last couple of days, I have come to the course with Charley and she’s great. She’s such a kid but she’s brilliant. She plays like a seasoned veteran but she just loves the game and she practices so much. We got here Monday, middle of the night and the rest of us want to go to the beach and Charley was going straight to the golf course to practice. She has a massive work ethic, which is admirable to say the least. However, I’m not sure it bodes towards longevity, that’s the only thing I will say. The younger kids, because they have worked so hard it’s hard to see past them playing.  I think it’s fantastic. I think the standard is beyond belief. You can name so many players that could win this golf tournament and I only know half of them – that’s how it has improved.


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