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Second round interviews from the World Ladies Championship

Second round interviews from the World Ladies Championship

Suzann Pettersen (-11)

Today was a little windy as we started. I felt like I did most of my round today on the par fives. I feel very good today. Five under feels where I should be on a half decent day and I feel like there are a couple of low ones out there. You’ve just got to be patient and try to give yourself a lot of good looks.

How does this Blackstone course compares to last year?

They are quite different and every hole is different. They have some very good par threes out here and they have some good tucked pins on the back and it’s nice when they move around tees. It makes you think and gives us an advantage in making a few extra birdies.

What’s your strategy for the weekend?

Go super low.

As defending champion, how confident are you of winning this again?

There’s nothing wrong with my confidence. I came here to defend my title, that’s why I showed up. I feel good with my game and there’s a lot of golf to be played. You’ve got to play smart but also play aggressive.

Is this where you wanted to be?

For sure. I played solid and gave myself some good looks. I felt like five-under is what I did on the par fives. Overall it was pretty decent. I feel like the par fives are playing like long par fours so five under today is certainly where I should be.

Are you following the scores in the team competition?

You look at the scoreboard every now and again to see what’s going on. It was nice to see my partner getting a few back at the end of her round. There is still a lot of golf to be played and you can go low around this course if you get it going, so you’ve just got to keep plugging along and making putts.

(Question re: Singapore). You seem to play well in these temperatures.

My game is coming around. It gets better every day. I have good practice sessions before and after I play and all I can try to do is get better every day. Singapore was an average day for me. Ball striking was not my best, putting was not my best and I still managed to squeeze in a decent score not too far behind the winner. From that I take a lot of stuff and try to progress in a good way and get my game where it should be a really have fun with it and play the different shots that I see.

What do you think the winning score will be?

Winning score. You can really go low out here. There were a couple of really low ones out here today. It’s impossible to say. I think you’ve got to be at least 16-under-par for the next two rounds, then I think you’re in good shape.

For the world rankings, Inbee is a phenomenal player. She’s a great number one and had a lot of success and it’s great to see her come back from struggling in 2009, 2010. It’s great to see how she can turn around and come back so strong and so confident. I’m trying to be the best I can be. Inbee is the one we’re all being measured against. I just try to go out and learn from what I did yesterday. I learn from my mistakes and hopefully one day I can tell you that I think I’ve reached my potential.

How are you feeling after two days and how confident are you of defending your title?

I feel like I’ve played some good golf over the last two days. This course is very playable so I’m not surprised to see low scores around this place and I wouldn’t come here if I wasn’t too confident.

Trish Johnson (-9)

I’m feeling much better. I woke up with sore throat, head and no energy. I felt terrible in the Pro-Am and then yesterday not great. It was literally no energy to get angry or anything because it was just get round and I did alright.

Today I started bogey, bogey and thought, ‘that’s ironic, feel better, play rubbish,’ but then I made seven birdies after that and it could have been more as well.

Front nine, I didn’t play well at all. I was still lacking a little energy and wasn’t timing it, I hit some thin iron shots and nothing great but the back nine I played pretty well and timed it better. My short game’s good and putting feels an awful lot better these last few weeks. I’m hitting it fairly close. When I hit a good shot its close and the par fives here are very reasonable. You’ve always got eagle putts, so a lot of my birdie putts have come from two-putting those. I’ve just been on the range and it was really good so in general I’m playing well. You’ve got to make your fair share of putts and a lot of birdies on the weekend.

I’ve been playing similarly for a long time but you’ve got to make some 15 footers and I’m rolling the ball really well.  I haven’t got in any trouble. They are not the best two rounds of golf I’ve ever played striking the ball wise but I think that’s more to do with legs and arms not being in sync. I’m looking forward to the weekend.

I’m probably feeling 75 per cent so much, much better.

Obviously there are two or three people in the field who can shoot anything under so it’s a case of wait and see what happens today and if anybody is out of sight. I would imagine you’ve got to be 20 to 24 under to win, so it’s going to be a hell of a weekend.

Valentine Derrey (-9)

Tough conditions, bit of shower, windy.

I started pretty well making birdies on the par fives. They are reachable in two so I think that’s easy and I just made a couple of putts and hit really good shots and shot five under.

The course – last year was Sandbelt trails.

It’s like totally different weather: it’s windier this year, I think and the course layout is really different too so it’s two different titles.

France team

I’m just going to take one day at a time and do my best as a team, because our goal is to win. Of course I want to win the individual as well, but I’m just going to take one day at a time and play my game and we’ll see what happens at the end.

What’s the strategy?

I’m just going to play to my targets and try to make some putts and finish under par.

Any special shots?

I hit 16 green in one shot and made two putts. I hit a couple of par fives in two, so easy birdies, but you still have to hit the shot.

Every part of your game is working well.

Ye Na Chung (-9)

How satisfied?

I tried not to be greedy today, so I focused on making a par on every hole and I think that was the reason for my score.

The weather yesterday and today was a little bit windy so it was very hard. I want to win the tournament but in golf nobody knows who will win.

So Yeon Ryu (-9)

How did you make your two eagles?

The first was on hole six. I hit a three-wood and then a three-wood again the second shot. My eagle putt was just three feet. On hole 16 I hit a driver on the green and it was an eight foot eagle putt and I made it. I think it was 260 to the pin.

You had a slow start.

The beginning of the round was bad and my putting wasn’t great but after I made the eagle, that gave me a lot of confidence. This one was not just for the individual event, also a team event, so I represent Korea so that gave me a lot of motivation. After I made the eagle I saw the leader board and Korea was like six shots behind France so I thought I have to really focus on my game and hit it well. I think the team event gave me a lot of motivation.

Diana Luna (-8)

After a disappointing finish yesterday, you had almost a perfect round. Why today?

I think I was in a very good mood today. I was smiling all the time and pretty relaxed. It worked out pretty well.

You played last year at Sandbelt Trails and now the Blackstone.

I think the Blackstone is just a fantastic golf course. It’s really nice because you have many birdie chances but if you play a bad shot you are really penalised so it’s a very fair course and I really like it.

Some of the players mentioned that the greens on the Blackstone course are hard.

I think last year they were hard too. This is quite a hilly place so the greens are very hilly but it is in fantastic condition.

What is your strategy for the weekend?

I would like to keep in this space and keep smiling on the course and having a good time and we will see what happens.

Is this your best ever round?

Yes, I had a couple of eight under pars before.

Ariya Jutanugarn  (-7)

It was very nice today. Yesterday my putting was so bad so I fixed it and today it was a lot better.

What’s the difference between this and last year’s course?

I think the greens are a little bit harder and I’ve only just come back to golf after surgery.

How confident are you of winning?

I feel really confident and since I’ve come back from surgery this is my first round where I’ve shot under so it makes me more confident.

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